CNN Claims President Trump is “Anti-Woman” Because He Criticized Pro-Abortion Kamala Harris

National   |   Duncan Schroeder   |   Aug 14, 2020   |   9:30AM   |   Washington, DC

On Thursday’s New Day, CNN co-host John Berman and guest host Erica Hill collaborated with chief political correspondent Dana Bash and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins to protect Kamala Harris from President Trump’s criticism. Bash was particularly hackish, as she accused Trump of being “anti-woman” for calling Harris “nasty” and declared that he had “walked right into what clearly has been a Biden campaign trap” by doing so.

Bash began the Biden/Harris propaganda by attacking Trump’s response to COVID-19:

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Look, it already was a referendum on President Trump. That’s something that the Biden campaign wanted and that they want. But just because of the nature of what you spent the first 15 minutes of this hour talking about, how completely out of control this virus is in the United States of America, and the fact that it is Donald Trump who is the President during this time and has a lot of things to answer for when it comes to his leadership.

Berman then rushed in to blast Trump for his use of the word “nasty” to describe Harris: “Joe Biden came out there and commented on how all the White House has in response and the President has in response is for the President to hurl the terms he has in the past to women, strong women, words like nasty, and then you know, like 20 minutes after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were done, that the President came out and called Kamala Harris angry.”

And pray tell us John Berman what Joe Biden’s record is with women? But the Democratic hack is not concerned with sexism, as he and CNN have barely mentioned Tara Reade.

Collins dismissed any criticism of Harris:

But what’s been clear is that they did not have a strategic line of attack on the vice presidential candidate yet. And aides actually thought around the President that after 24 hours, he would have a much more successful line of attack. They looked at how he treated Republicans in the Republican primary in 2016. But yesterday, he really just repeated a lot of things that he had said the day earlier when they had announced that Senator Harris would be running with former Vice President Joe Biden. And other than that, there was no real line of attack that you saw coming from the President. Now, that could change, of course, his campaign is going to be going through everything in her record to try to find some spot of weakness and they’re going to try to emphasize that. But so far, the President does not seem to have been able to land a really successful line of attack against her.

Bash then chimed back in with more DNC talking points, arguing that Trump is “anti-women” for calling Harris “nasty” and that he had walked into “a trap” set by the Biden campaign by doing so:

They’ve dubbed her radical left and — and probably — it’s probably a cut and paste job that they would have put in for whomever Joe Biden picked. But you’re right, it — it is — it is clearly much more difficult for them for whatever reason. And there’s a lot of frustration that the — the one thing or the one line that the President has seized on is really transparently seems to be anti-woman, and because of the terms that he’s using, nasty and so forth, and also personal.

I mean, you mentioned this. He walked right into what clearly has been a Biden campaign trap that they were preparing to lay if Joe Biden decided on Kamala Harris and that trap is, of course, you can’t imagine picking somebody who criticized you, because that’s not the kind of person you are. It’s the kind of person Joe Biden is who can look beyond that and not, as you saw, you remember, in that press conference, on the back of his page, you saw his talking points, doesn’t hold grudges. This is — this is premeditated when it comes to the Biden campaign and Donald Trump can’t help himself. He just, as I said walked right into it.

It is now sexist to criticize women!

Since she is Biden’s VP choice, CNN will do whatever it can to protect Harris.

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LifeNews Note: Duncan Schroeder writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.