Abortion Activist Told She Can’t Work and be a New Mom, Just Like She’s Told Women for Years

International   |   SPUC   |   Aug 13, 2020   |   2:41PM   |   London, England

Following the birth of her daughter, pro-abortion MP, Stella Creasy, has been told that she should be “standing back” from her career after being repeatedly told that being a mum who works is “too difficult.”

But SPUC says that she has helped to create an abortion culture which undermines the true status of women.

Margaret Akers, SPUC Campaign Research Officer said: “A pro-abortion culture sends out a message that women need abortions because they are not capable of maintaining a job and motherhood. Sadly, Stella has encouraged abortion and is now facing the consequences of a culture she has helped to create.”

Labour MP Stella Creasy revealed the negative comments that were made towards her for being a working mother in a series of posts on Twitter.

Ms Creasy wrote: “As a new mum been repeatedly told I shouldn’t be seeking election to any roles, should be standing back and generally to go home because it will be ‘too difficult’ for women and childcare to be combined within the Labour movement.”

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“Abortion diminishes family and belittles the capability women”

Pro-abortion Creasy welcomed the birth of her daughter in November 2019 and continued to serve as the MP for the London constituency of Walthamstow.

Mrs Akers said: “Sadly, Stella doesn’t see that abortion diminishes the importance of family and belittles the capability of women.”

Stella Creasy was a main driving force behind the extreme abortion regime enforced on Northern Ireland by Westminster.

Causing widespread controversy, Stella also cradled her six-month-old baby whilst speaking in favour of abortion in a House of Commons debate earlier this year.

SPUC’s Mrs Akers said: “Stella Creasy has served as a figurehead for the abortion lobby in recent years and her extreme efforts have included imposing a radical abortion regime onto the people of Northern Ireland without their consent.

“The negative attitudes that Stella has faced regarding her decision to continue with her career and care for her child are totally unacceptable. These attitudes towards women are not uncommon and are perpetuated by those with a pro-abortion attitude.

“Women in our society are routinely told that they are not strong enough to maintain a career and be a mother. These negative social attitudes are among the reasons women are pushed towards abortion. This is reflected in the latest abortion statistics for England and Wales where it was recorded that the largest increase in abortions by age was for women aged between 30-35. This is usually a crucial age for women progressing in their careers.

“We can only hope that these comments made towards Stella regarding motherhood and her career will open her eyes towards the detrimental culture abortion can produce.”