Feminist Sends Nasty Note to Mother of Children With Autism: You Should Have Aborted Them

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 11, 2020   |   12:07PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Of all the cruel comments lobbed at children with disabilities and their families, the worst may be, “You should have been aborted.”

Samantha Kenny, of Athy, County Kildare, Ireland, felt shocked when someone mailed her a letter saying that about her two children who have autism, News Talk reports.

Kenny said she received the hate mail after she began campaigning for new guidelines for children with autism when they go back to school.

“Initially I was kind of shocked and my stomach just dropped because you don’t expect that kind of stuff to come through your door,” she told the news outlet. “I do a lot of campaigning online and I’ve had a few nasty things said to me online, but I never expected a letter to arrive through the door.”

She said the letter-writer called her a monster and told her she should have aborted her children because they have disabilities.

“The letter basically implied that my children are burdens to society, that I expect the state to support them, that I must have been abusing myself during pregnancy to cause my kids to have autism, and then on top of that I decided to have another child afterwards who is now in pain and suffering because she has a rare genetic syndrome – apparently – and that I should have considered an abortion,” Kenny said.

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She said she reported the letter to authorities.

As disgusting and discriminatory as they are, comments like those are not uncommon. Worse, many in society now believe abortion is an acceptable final solution when an unborn baby is diagnosed with a disability. In Iceland, the abortion rate for unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome is nearly 100 percent. And in England, unborn babies with even minor, correctable problems like cleft lips are aborted through all nine months of pregnancy.

Abortions have become a modern means of discrimination against children with disabilities. Rather than recognize and celebrate every child’s value, society pushes women to kill their own children — unique, living human beings who deserve a right to life.