Mike Huckabee: Christian Voters Can’t Vote for Joe Biden Because He’s Pro-Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 10, 2020   |   11:20AM   |   Washington, DC

Christians are not buying Joe Biden’s claims about being a man of faith, former governor Mike Huckabee said Sunday.

Speaking on Fox & Friends Weekend, Huckabee said the Democrat presidential candidate “is not an option” for many religious voters.

“Leftists are trying to gin up this idea that somehow, Joe Biden is appealing to people of faith,” he said. “That’s utter nonsense. I don’t know of anybody, people of faith, who think Joe Biden is a great choice.

“Now, granted, some of them aren’t happy with everything Donald Trump says or tweets, but I tell you, they’re not going to go with Biden. That’s not an option,” Huckabee continued.

Biden supports abortions without restriction and wants to force taxpayers to pay for them. Though he often touts his Catholic faith, he opposes religious freedom for the Little Sisters of the Poor and other faith-based charities who do not want to pay for contraception that may cause abortions in their employee health plans.

Biden’s pro-abortion politics prompted a Catholic priest to deny him communion last year, and Catholic and pro-life leaders have been calling out the hypocrisy of his claims of faith. But much of the liberal media has allowed Biden to make the claim freely without question.

Last week, President Donald Trump called out Biden for being “against the Bible” in an interview that quickly drew criticism from the liberal media and Democrat leaders.

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Biden’s campaign responded by insisting that his faith “is at the core of who he is; he’s lived it with dignity his entire life, and it’s been a source of strength and comfort in times of extreme hardship.”

However, his campaign positions indicate that he does not practice what he believes or represent the values of most voters.

Biden has shown a willingness to bow to party leaders and the billion-dollar abortion industry’s demands. Last year, he announced that he no longer supports the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions. Polls consistently show that most Americans support the Hyde Amendment, which has saved more than 2.4 million unborn babies from abortions, according to research by Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Fox News reports Catholic organizations also have criticized the Democrat presidential candidate for failing to condemn the “rising climate of anti-Catholicism across the country.”

Huckabee said Trump has been a “champion for religious liberty,” but Biden and Democrat leaders are the opposite.

“The Democratic Party has been slowly moving further and further to the left on issues that matter to many believers such as Israel, abortion, traditional marriage,” Huckabee said.

Democrat leaders recently introduced a bill to eliminate a Trump administration rule that protects pro-life medical workers from discrimination, and Biden has shown willingness to submit to his party’s radical agenda.

Unlike past Democrats, Biden does not talk about wanting to reduce abortions or make them rare. In April, he described the aborting of unborn babies as an “essential medical service” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden claims to be a “very devout Catholic and a person of deep faith,” but he opposes religious freedom for faith-based organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor, a nuns’ charity that serves the poor and elderly. The U.S. Supreme Court recently granted the Little Sisters relief from an Obama-era mandate that would have forced them to fund contraception, including forms that may cause abortions, in their employee health plans.

Biden also said he is committed to “the constitutional right to an abortion” and to reversing “the Trump administration and states’ all-out assault on women’s right to choose.” He promised to “work to codify Roe v. Wade.” The infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision made the United States one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Catholic bishops and other Christian leaders have been urging voters to make the pro-life issue a “preeminent priority” at the polls in November. Christianity teaches that every human life has value, from conception to natural death. And nothing destroys more human beings than abortion.’