Democrat Says Trump Hates Women Because He Opposes Killing Babies in Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 7, 2020   |   6:26PM   |   Washington, DC

Sen. Tammy Duckworth slammed President Donald Trump as anti-woman Friday because of his actions to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

In a column at Elle magazine, Duckworth, a pro-abortion Democrat from Illinois and a top contender for Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate, urged Americans to vote against Trump in November.

By opposing a “woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions,” meaning abortion, she claimed Trump is threatening American values.

“The day after President Trump’s inauguration, when millions of women took to the streets in protest, I was right beside them, holding my two-year-old daughter’s hand,” she wrote. “I believed the values of our nation—values that service members like me have always been willing to sacrifice to protect—were under threat.”

In the past four years, she said Trump has treated women as badly as she thought he would.

“From defunding Planned Parenthood to appointing judges who don’t believe in a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, Trump has spent his administration working to undermine the progress generations of American women have made to build a more equitable society,” Duckworth wrote.

In other words, Trump has worked to stop the killing of unborn babies in abortions as well as taxpayer funding to the billion-dollar abortion industry. For those actions, Duckworth said voters should reject him and embrace Joe Biden.

“… in November, we have a chance to vote him out and elect a president who will make sure that systemic changes to improve the lives of women are part of our pandemic response and long-term recovery plans,” she said.

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Duckworth claimed that Biden, who supports abortion on demand and wants to force taxpayers to fund it, will be an “advocate for women.” She highlighted his recent plan to expand “access to reproductive healthcare,” including abortions.

Abortion is not pro-woman, though pro-abortion Democrats often try to portray it that way. Abortions kill unique, living human beings, a woman’s own child, and often leave mothers suffering physically and psychologically.

Most Americans do not want more abortions, and they do not want taxpayer-funded abortions. In the past four decades, more than 62 million unborn babies have been aborted. Yet, Biden, Duckworth and other Democrats support policies that would expand abortions – leading to more deaths of unborn babies and more suffering mothers. Women and their children deserve better.