Woman Brags About Killing Her Baby in an Abortion: “It’s Still the Best Decision I Ever Made”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 4, 2020   |   10:06AM   |   Washington, DC

Renee Bracey Sherman regrets getting a bad tattoo at 16. She regrets piercing her tongue and staying in bad relationships for too long.

But she does not regret aborting her unborn baby.

In a recent column at Newsweek, Sherman, who leads the pro-abortion group We Testify, celebrated the 15th anniversary of her abortion.

“I’ve heard people say: ‘No one wants an abortion,’ but that wasn’t true for me. I wanted an abortion,” she said. Later, she added, “It was—and still is—the best decision I ever made.”

“It was an easy decision because I knew what I wanted. I’ve heard people say: ‘You’ll come to regret your abortion,’ and 15 years later, I haven’t,” she continued.

In her mind, sacrificing her baby’s life allowed her to live the life she wanted, including having casual sex starting at age 15.

“When I had my sexual debut just before my 16th birthday, I made a plan—I would use condoms, get birth control pills at my high school’s free health center, and if I became pregnant before I was ready, I would have an abortion. I was being safe and I had a plan,” she wrote.

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In other words, she wanted sex without responsibility, and she was willing to destroy her baby’s life for it.

Sherman seemed to recognize her own selfishness, but she justified it as self love, writing, “The most important lesson I’ve learned in the 15 years since my abortion is that it’s okay to love myself.”

And although she said she has no regrets about aborting her unborn baby, she expressed a lot of anger toward pro-life advocates who are trying to save unborn babies and mothers from abortions.

Sherman wrote:

The only thing I regret about my abortion experience is that I almost believed the rhetoric that was presented by anti-abortion groups around abortion and Black women. Was my body “the most dangerous place for an African American” as one anti-abortion billboard told me? Is “our next possible leader aborted every 21 minutes” as another said, alongside an image of President Barack Obama? I knew the answer was no, but it has taken years for me to understand the deep seated hatred for Black women that those billboards display.

Black Americans do have a disproportionately high number of abortions compared to other racial groups. Since abortion became legal nation-wide in 1973, black pro-life leaders estimate more than 20 million unborn black babies have been aborted in America. In New York City, city health data indicates that more African American babies are aborted in the city than are born each year.

Pro-lifers’ motivation is based on love, not hatred, for mothers and unborn babies when they expose how the abortion industry targets black families. Out of love and compassion, pro-life advocates offer support to struggling mothers because they want more children of all races and cultures to live and thrive.

The facts about abortions in the black community probably affected Sherman so deeply because they are true, and she knew it. But tragically, many abortion activists repress the truth, bury their negative feelings and project them onto caring, compassionate pro-lifers. It’s easier than facing the ugly, horrifying truth. Though Sherman may deny it, the truth is that an abortion kills a unique, living human being. It’s a basic fact of human development, and no matter how developed her unborn baby was, he or she already was Sherman’s child — an irreplaceable, unique child who deserved a right to life.