Joe Biden Launches “Believers for Biden” Events Targeting Christians, But He Supports Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 4, 2020   |   1:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden’s campaign is attempting to woo Christian voters with talk about caring for the “least of these” and fighting “systemic racism.”

In an interview with The Christian Post this week, Josh Dickson, the national faith engagement director for the campaign, downplayed Biden’s pro-abortion stance and his opposition to religious freedom and focused instead on the issue of racism.

“We’re hearing from people; we’re engaging people, we’re developing relationships. We are going to be including evangelical voices in our ‘Believers for Biden’ events, and we are also going to be launching ‘Evangelicals for Biden,’” he said.

Dickson described Biden as “an authentic man of faith whose faith and values inform his political participation, his long history of fighting for civil rights and fighting for the least of these.”

He believes the Democrat presidential candidate’s commitment to “fighting systemic racism” will sway some Christians to support him.

“The real religious issue in this election is fighting systemic racism,” Dickson said, pointing to evangelical Christians’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement. “We’ve seen a tremendous response from individual pastors who have large followings who have marched in the streets. We’ve seen leaders, elected leaders who have marched in the streets from evangelical backgrounds.”

But when asked about Biden’s support for abortion on demand, including taxpayer-funded abortions, and his opposition to religious freedom for Catholic nuns and others, Dickson avoided a direct answer.

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Here’s more from the interview:

“I know that not everyone is going to agree with him on everything. We’re a big tent party as Democrats. Joe Biden is someone who is putting forward a vision that is inclusive,” said Dickson. “We want to be working with as many people as possible.”

“I see the values that Joe Biden lives by. I see the values that have been reflected in the history of his involvement in public life. And I see the ways in which he’s going to lean into this moment right now where our country is hurting.”

Dickson also reiterated his belief that the problem of “systemic racial injustices that our country has been perpetuating since its founding” will be “the issue of this election.”

But Biden’s party, the Democratic Party, is the opposite of inclusive. Its leaders have been pushing out pro-life Democrat politicians, and some even have said publicly that pro-lifers are not welcome. Ignoring pro-life Democrat leaders’ calls for a “big tent” platform, the party has adopted a platform that supports taxpayer-funded abortions without restriction.

And rather than listen to pro-lifers’ concerns, Biden has shown a willingness to bow to the billion-dollar abortion industry’s demands. Last year, he announced that he no longer supports the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions. Popular among Americans, the amendment has saved more than 2.4 million unborn babies from abortions, according to new research by Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Unlike past Democrats, Biden does not talk about wanting to reduce abortions or make them rare. In April, he went so far as to call the aborting of unborn babies an “essential medical service” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden claims to be a “very devout Catholic and a person of deep faith,” but he also opposes religious freedom for Catholic organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor, a nuns’ charity that serves the poor and elderly. The U.S. Supreme Court recently granted the Little Sisters relief from an Obama-era mandate that would have forced them to fund contraception, including forms that may cause abortions, in their employee health plans.

Dickson said Biden’s faith informs “his vision for the country.” But Biden’s actions and promises do not match his faith, and voters can see it.