Alveda King Slams Planned Parenthood: “It’s Been Working to Annihilate Blacks for 100 Years”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 4, 2020   |   11:59AM   |   Washington, DC

Civil rights activist Alveda King does not believe Planned Parenthood was sincere in its decision to distance itself from its racist eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger last month.

King told Breitbart that the move was “just window dressing” because Planned Parenthood is still killing unborn black babies across the U.S.

“In America, many Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods,” King told the news outlet. “Margaret Sanger and the organization she founded have been working to annihilate the Black community for 100 [years].”

In July, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced plans to rename its Manhattan abortion facility, which has long bore Sanger’s name. It also asked city leaders to remove her name from a street sign nearby. The abortion group’s leaders pointed to Sanger’s eugenics beliefs “rooted in racism, ableism and classism” as the reason for the change.

The announcement came amid accusations of “systemic racism” within the abortion chain, and many saw the move as a mere publicity stunt.

King, who serves as director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, said if Planned Parenthood really cares about ending racism, it would stop aborting unborn babies.

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“This name change is literally just window dressing unless Planned Parenthood stops killing babies and instead helps mothers to choose life,” she told Breitbart.

Every day, Planned Parenthood kills approximately 247 unborn black babies in abortions. The estimate is based on the abortion chain’s own annual reports as well as abortion statistics from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research group.

Since abortion became legal nation-wide in 1973, an estimated 20 million unborn black babies have been aborted in America. In New York City, city health data indicates that more African American babies are aborted in the city than are born each year, and research indicates that many Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located in or near minority neighborhoods.

Yet, Democrats in Congress are pushing for even more abortions, claiming it is “racist” not to. They recently introduced a bill to repeal the Helms Amendment, which King said “protects women overseas from the harmful impact of abortion.” The long-standing amendment prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions in international aid funds.

“The women in Congress who support the repeal effort by playing the tired old race card should be ashamed,” King said. “Women everywhere could be better served by choosing life over killing innocent babies in the womb. One Blood/One Race, from the womb to the tomb.”

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar abortion chain that kills more unborn babies in abortions than any other group in the U.S. Last year, it reported more than 345,000 abortions, a record number, while providing fewer actual health care services and seeing fewer patients.