Kamala Harris Ignores Claim That President Trump’s “Secret Police” Will Steal the Election

National   |   Michael Dellano   |   Jul 29, 2020   |   10:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Radical Democratic Senator Kamala Harris appeared on Tuesday night’s The ReidOut, in an attempt to audition for Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. Far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid praised the VP hopeful and recited DNC talking points trashing Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

Reid advanced a wild conspiracy theory that the Barr and the Trump administration will use a “secret police” to scare off Biden voters:

Senator, I think one of the things people are afraid of is that William Barr will look the other way if there are violent protests that are attempting to intimidate people that want to vote against Donald Trump or, and/or that he might use his federal secret police force he’s created and cobbled together to intimidate voters who want to vote for Joe Biden. Are you worried about that?

Instead of looking at the violence in cities like Portland and acknowledging federal officers are there to protect people from violent rioters. Reid looks at it in a purely cynical and political way. Of course the Trump administration did not send federal officers to scare Biden voters, he sent them because of the failure of these cities’ mayors to lead and protect their citizens.

Harris completely ignored Reid’s comments on “secret police” and went straight into her VP pitch:

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Listen, at this point, what I am worried about is that we remind everyone of what is at stake in this election, this election which will be, I do truly believe the most important election of our lifetime. Joe Biden has, for example, outlined a number of plans that are part of his policy to build back better, build America back up to where it can be.

It has been widely known that Harris is on Biden’s VP short list, so she will praise Biden as much as possible in order to make herself look as favorable as possible.  Harris did not want to discuss the real threat of violence in American cities, because that doesn’t serve her self-interest.

Reid happily thanked Harris for campaigning for Biden:

Thank you very much. And it’s important that you put out some proactive information too, people can look up about what former Vice President Biden is offering on the other side.

This just proves that MSNBC has become a propaganda network for the Democratic Party and the Biden campaign. The leftist media never discuss the perspective of Trump and Republicans.

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LifeNews Note: Michael Dellano writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.