ABC News Blames Coronavirus on Trump: Americans Died Because He’s a White Racist

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Jul 29, 2020   |   8:17AM   |   Washington, DC

Proving that they put more emphasis on the color of someone’s skin rather than the content of their character, ABC’s Tuesday COVID blame special, American Catastrophe: How Did We Get Here? argued that an alleged lack of diversity on the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force was responsible for the disproportionate deaths of racial minorities to the virus.

Amid their hour-long program blaming the Trump administration for virus deaths writ large, Morehouse Medical School professor, Dr. Sonja Hutchins decried: “The role of the federal government in this pandemic is very, very clear who’s missing: leadership that mirrors the diversity of the United States population. When you see that then we’ll probably see different outcomes.”

Those deaths could have been prevented. And that’s the most troubling part,” she later added.

While Hutchins made that initial declaration, ABC aired cherry-picked footage of a Coronavirus Task Force briefing which showed mostly white males (pictured above) that included, among others: Vice President Mike Pence, HHS Secretary Alex Azar, CDC Director Robert Redfield, FDA Commissioner Stephan Hahn, and NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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ABC’s selectivity was intended to push a false narrative. This was obvious because the Task Force was, in reality, diverse.

Minority Task Force members (or officials who’ve appeared at briefings) intentionally omitted included: OMB official Derek Kan (Asian), CMS Administrator Seema Verma (Indian and female), U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams (black), HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson (black), Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx (female), Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (female), and SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza (Hispanic and female).

Many of those fine people have actually attended and spoken at coronavirus press briefings, but ABC had a narrative to push.

To make ABC’s assertions even more disgusting, chief White House correspondent (and anti-Trump book author) Jon Karl openly doubted the Task Force’s compassion for minorities. “The President said he was concerned about this. His task force said they were concerned about this. But I could never get the sense that there was any significant action plan,” he suggested without evidence.

Further proving that they were out to make a political argument and not a scientific or medical one, ABC included a portion of an interview with NAACP President Derrick Johnson. According to his race-baiting, if rich white people were the affected demographic, there would be a better response from the administration and the Task Force.

Here were his comments that ABC shared:

African-Americans are a core part of the essential workforce. I think if the data showed that high-income whites were contracting the virus at a higher rate, we’d be looking at a different response from government officials across the country.

Of course, Johnson’s comments came as ABC argued that the administration’s push to reopen the economy came from a racist place.

It’s truly disgusting that ABC sought to smear the hard work, dedication, and compassion of the Coronavirus Task Force just based on the color of their skin. Racists.

ABC’s racist smears against career medical professionals on the Coronavirus Task Force was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Toyota and Claritin. Their contact information is linked if you want to tell them what their money is supporting.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.