Pro-Life People Have Less Than 100 Days to Ensure President Trump is Re-Elected

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Jul 27, 2020   |   11:00AM   |   Washington, DC

Sunday, July 26 marked exactly 100 days until Election Day, November 3, 2020. Here are five of the most important things to keep in mind in this home stretch.

First, Election Day is not when the voting starts, but when the voting concludes. Early voting begins in some states 45 or more days before the election, that is, in the latter part of September. So while Election Day is 100 days away, the actual election is just a bit more than half that time away. Campaigns used to prepare for the final “72-hour push” to get info into the hands of voters before they decide. Now, however, half the votes might be cast by then. The time to get into full gear for voter education and activation is now.

Second, 100 days is both long and short. In terms of what we need to do to identify, mobilize, educate and register voters, it is a very short time. Voter registration deadlines for the general election come in many states a full month before the election. Recruiting, training, and deploying volunteers, and preparing handouts, takes time as well. So it’s a very short time.

But in terms of politics, 100 days is an eternity. One tweet or Facebook video could potentially change the course of a political race. Conventions and debates still need to occur, the VP pick still has to be announced, and a lot of citizens haven’t even started paying attention. We don’t know what the economy, the pandemic, or the state of world or national events will be a quarter of a year from now. So it’s a very long time.

Third, what happens in this 100-day period has the potential of wiping out decades, even generations, of work on behalf of the protection of life, religious liberty, and the very structure of American government, if the godless Democrats gain power. They will wipe off the books the pro-life laws and court decisions that are the fruit of decades of work. And they will start dismantling the very mechanisms of American government, like the Electoral College, the legislative filibuster, and much more.

This period of time, on the other hand, can save us decades of work. The re-election of President Trump and a Republican Senate will assure the transformation of the federal courts in a way that will secure our values for at least a generation come. That, in turn, will protect the legislative work will need to do in coming years. Add to that a pro-life House, and we can actually get federal pro-life legislation passed and signed. Given these facts, this is the time to give our all to this election effort. Put aside as many other things as possible and focus on this.

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Fourth, this is the time to equip ourselves with the very best information and skills to make the most of these 100 days. Starting today, read excellent election-related books like Ralph Reed’s For God and Country: The Christian Case for Trump or Jesse Romero’s book A Catholic Vote for Trump. Connect with websites and email updates that will keep you on top of the political developments, from pro-life groups, the GOP, and the political campaigns you support.

Fifth, volunteer for those groups and campaigns. Your help is needed to knock on doors, make phone calls, distribute literature, equip pastors, send out emails and social media posts, and much more. Groups like Priests for Life (, Catholic Vote (, Faith and Freedom Coalition (, Susan B. Anthony List (, National Right to Life (, My Faith Votes ( and many more groups can use volunteers to get involved to help reach and educate voters. Moreover, you can volunteer directly with the Trump Campaign ( or get involved in one of its many coalitions ( to assist in the effort.

100 days. Make every one of them count. May the Lord give success to the work of our hands!