CNN Hails Biden’s All-Female VP Short List, Ignores Tara Reade Sexual Assault Allegations

National   |   Duncan Schroeder   |   Jul 27, 2020   |   8:47PM   |   Washington, DC

On Monday’s New Day, CNN co-hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota brought on national political reporter Maeve Reston and political director David Chalian to spout typical Democratic election-year talking points about President Trump and Republicans being “sexist.” Most appallingly, Chalian praised Joe Biden for his to plan to choose a woman as his running mate without mentioning that Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault.

Operating as a mouthpiece for the Biden campaign, like any good CNNer, Reston began the discussion by bashing Trump’s poll numbers:

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Well, so, basically, Trump’s numbers with women have been terrible. Really, since he got elected, he began sort of spiraling down. And we remember in 2018 how women really powered those victories for Democrats, flipping the House of Representatives. But there’s so much difficulty — women are having so much difficulty, when you talk to them, with not only Trump’s tone, which was a big issue at the beginning, and his tweets, they hate all of that, a lot of them do, but also just this sense that he is not looking out for their families, that he is not, you know, really prioritizing — he did not prioritize the coronavirus in the way that he should. And, of course, you have this other issue creeping in now with Trump pushing school reopenings really hard, when he is completely on the wrong side of that issue from — from where parents are, who are — many of whom are very worried about sending their kids back to school. And what you saw in our polls in particular in — in those three states is that he’s doing terribly, not just with women generally, but with white women in particular.

Ah yes, single mothers would just love it if their kids couldn’t go back to school. The many single mothers who lost their jobs due to having to focus on child care due to school closures in the spring can testify to that! But CNN does not care about the struggles of such women, it would much rather bash Trump for whatever it can.

Camerota, since it is an election year, accused Trump of sexism and blamed him for an alleged, highly disputed incident between Florida Republican Congressman Ted Yoho and far-left New York Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

But Maeve, as you point out in your piece, sexism, again, has sort of come to the floor between the President’s tweet, you know, shout-out to June Cleaver about these suburban housewives and then between everything that we saw between AOC and Congressman Ted Yoho, where she so strongly rebuked him on the floor, it just feels like sexism is again going to be one of these sort of percolating issues.

Need to attack Republicans in an election year? Call them sexist!

Reston also leaned into the sexist narrative:

And it really was in 2018. You remember that when we would go out and talk to voters. You would see all of these mothers and daughters who had never been involved before out going door-to- door because the mothers really didn’t like the example that Trump and the Republicans were setting in terms of how they talked about women, that demeaning language. And Trump’s tweet last week calling — you know — marshaling the suburban housewives of America, was straight out of the 1960s. He’s so off in his tone. And in terms of showing, you know, that he — he will treat women as equals, and then you have the confrontation, obviously, between the Florida Republican, Ted Yoho, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so all of these issues are kind of bubbling back up to the fore and will be a real problem for Republicans in November, I think.

Chalian then disgustingly praised Biden for planning to choose a woman as his running mate and did not mention Tara Reade:

But this week, Joe Biden is going to come to a final decision in his mind and probably make an offer. Perhaps we’ll learn next week who his vice presidential nominee is going to be. And back in March at the CNN debate is when he made clear he was only considering women for his number two slot. This is not by accident, right? This goes exactly to what Maeve is talking about, about the problems that the Trump campaign has with women and the President has with women. The Biden folks immediately wanted — wanted to seize on that, expand that advantage and stating that his number two would be a woman from the outset, no men need apply, was part of this strategy.

If Chalian was not a Democratic shill, he would have mentioned that Joe Biden was credibly accused of sexual assault by Reade. But CNN does not actually care about combating sexism or holding all politicians accountable, it cares about propping up Democratic candidates.

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