CBS Calls Joe Biden the Savior of Kids, But He Supports Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 23, 2020   |   10:49AM   |   Washington, DC

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign sycophants at CBS This Morning hailed the presumptive Democratic nominee’s nearly $1 trillion plan to “help care for the nation’s kids, senior citizens, and disabled.”

Apparently Biden has yet put out a plan on puppies and rainbows. There was zero discussion of how the presidential wannabee was going to pay for his pie-in-the-sky promises.

Reciting a DNC press release, co-host Anthony Mason announced: “Former Vice President Joe Biden is accusing President Trump of outing –  of quitting, rather – on the country during the pandemic. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee made the comment as he unveiled a plan that he says will help restore the economy.”

Auditioning to be Biden’s new press secretary, correspondent Ed O’Keefe hyped the political strategy behind the proposal:

The $775 billion plan is designed to help working parents and caregivers, with new ideas for expanding pre-k and access to care for kids and the elderly. It also promises to create about three million new jobs. And by targeting the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Biden campaign is hoping to draw sharper contrasts with the President.

The headline on screen throughout the fawning segment cheered: “Biden’s Recovery Plan; $775 Proposal Promises Jobs & Expanded Care for Children, Elderly.”

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“Joe Biden once again slammed President Trump’s handling of the pandemic,” O’Keefe gushed. A soundbite ran of the former Vice President nastily ranting: “He’s quit on you and he’s quit on this country.”

Rather than stop to fact-check Biden’s outrageous partisan sniping, the alleged “reporter” instead focused on preaching the Democrat’s campaign message of the day:

The former Vice President, on Tuesday, spoke from a school in his native Delaware, and he once again focused on the economy. But this time he unveiled plans to create three million new jobs to help care for the nation’s kids, senior citizens, and disabled….Biden’s proposals would expand access to at-home care, push for universal public pre-kindergarten, and hire at least 35,000 people to help tackle the opioid epidemic.

Now that wasn’t the only topic O’Keefe focused on, he did mention “scrutiny” regarding Biden’s candidacy – about which far-left politician would become his vice presidential running mate:

The speech came as Biden is more closely scrutinizing options for a running mate, set to be announced in August. He says he’s reviewing background files on each contender….Biden’s potential picks include black, white, Latino, and Asian American women, like Congresswoman Val Demings, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Senator Tammy Duckworth. Buzz around them means they’re getting more exposure to a wider audience.

After a full segment trashing President Trump’s Tuesday news conference about the coronavirus, this was the glowing coverage Biden was treated to by his adoring media supporters at CBS.

At least CBS provided some actual information about what Biden was proposing, albeit in the most softball manner, NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America couldn’t even meet that pathetically low bar. Those broadcasts only featured soundbites of Biden to bolster their own Trump bashing.

On Today, correspondent Kristen Welker gleefully touted: “Joe Biden, in Delaware, sharply criticizing the President’s handling of the pandemic.” The clip played of Biden declaring that Trump had “quit on this country.”

“Trump’s advisers are warning him he’ll likely lose the election in November unless he can convince voters he’s taking the virus seriously,” correspondent Mary Bruce sneered on GMA. The same Biden clip was featured.

Biden can preemptively spend as many hard-earned tax dollars from Americans as he wants without fear of anyone in the cowardly press corps challenging his radical plans.

This Biden campaign messaging was brought to viewers by Toyota and Capital One. You can fight back by letting these advertisers know what you think of them sponsoring such content. Note: Kyle Drennen is an MRC News Analyst and a graduate of Providence College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. This was originally posted on the Media Research Center blog NewsBusters.


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