Ex-CNN Host Soledad O’Brien Mocks Janice Dean, Whose In-Laws Died in NY Nursing Home

National   |   Tim Graham   |   Jul 20, 2020   |   1:37PM   |   Washington, DC

Sam J. at Twitchy captured the fireworks overnight as former CNN host Soledad O’Brien unleashed another round of snide remarks at ladies who work at Fox News (a long-running and repeated refrain of hers).

It started with Fox Janice Dean, who called it “garbage” that Dr. Anthony Fauci would somehow talk UP the New York state coronavirus response in a PBS interview: “New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly…”

In context, Fauci wasn’t talking about the overall response, but rather the ramping-up of coronavirus testing labs.

FAUCI: When the Congress, in — with a great deal of generosity, gave billions of dollars to try and solve this problem, they gave something like $10 billion to the CDC to give to the states to do these kinds of implementing.

We have got to make sure that it gets well spent and that it gets done in the right way. Again, we have a problem. We need to admit it and own it. But we have got to do the things that are very clear that we need to do to turn this around, remembering we can do it.

We know that, when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York. New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly by doing the things that you’re talking about.

But this quickly turned into just another day of Twitter meanness from Soledad. Armed only with a belated Harvard degree in English literature, she mocked Dean’s scientific credentials:

And so Kelly jumped in:

Soledad quickly thwacked down the race card, mocking Kelly for her NBC-career-ending kerfuffle over children darkening their faces as part of a Halloween costume. (Imagine Soledad mocking Ralph Northam like this!)

Kelly underlined the obvious point that Soledad was mocking Dean, who lost her in-laws due to Andrew Cuomo’s policy of sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes to recuperate, which led to more infections among the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Soledad mocked her as having no expertise, as if she has anything more than TV-hosting expertise:

This led to more “Blackface Lady” trolling. The Left always insists that “infectious disease experts” should be running America right now. Unless those experts aren’t tapping on the CNN line. Then they just go ignored.

Twitchy also offered other salvos fired at Soledad for lacking any empathy.

LifeNews.com Note: Tim Graham is the director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, a media watchdog group. He was a White House correspondent for World magazine in 2001 and 2002. This originally appeared on the NewsBusters web site.