Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Cancer Has Returned, She Refuses to Retire From Supreme Court

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 17, 2020   |   1:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg released a statement today saying her liver cancer has returned and she is currently getting chemotherapy for it, but the pro-abortion justice refuses to retire from the Supreme Court.

As the Associated Press reports:

The 87-year-old Ginsburg, who spent time in the hospital this week for a possible infection, said her treatment so far has succeeded in reducing lesions on her liver and that she will continue chemotherapy sessions every two weeks.

“I have often said I would remain a member of the Court as long as I can do the job full steam. I remain fully able to do that,” Ginsburg said in a statement issued by the court.

She said her recent hospitalizations, including one in May, were unrelated to the cancer.

A medical scan in February revealed growths on her liver, she said, and she began chemotherapy in May.

“My most recent scan on July 7 indicated significant reduction of the liver lesions and no new disease,” she said. “I am tolerating chemotherapy well and am encouraged by the success of my current treatment.”

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Justice Ginsburg recently voted to strike down a Louisiana pro-life law that saves babies from abortion and protects women’s health and she also voted to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortion drugs in their health care plan.

Earlier this year, Ginsburg claimed abortion is safer than childbirth while attacking the Louisiana law that requires abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges for patient emergencies.

Ginsburg, a pro-abortion icon, questioned the necessity of the law, arguing that most women who get abortions do not require medical treatment afterward.

“Most of the people who get abortions never have any need to go to a hospital, isn’t that so?” she asked lawyers for the state. “You don’t dispute … that among medical procedures, first-trimester abortion is among the safest, far safer than childbirth.”

This is not the first time Ginsburg has made the old, debunked pro-abortion argument. She made the same claim in 2016 when the Supreme Court heard a challenge to a similar Texas law.

First and foremost, abortion never is safer for the unborn child. The very purpose of an abortion is to destroy an unborn human being’s life.

Second, it is not accurate to say that abortion is safer for the woman, either. At the very least, researchers point out that the U.S. does not receive enough data from abortion facilities to make that conclusion. Several European studies have refuted the claim even further, concluding that more women die after abortions than childbirth.

Ginsburg has always been on the pro-abortion side of major Supreme Court rulings and pro-life Americans would love for President Trump to have an opportunity to name a new Supreme Court justice to move the high court in the pro-life direction.