CNN Host Don Lemon: Jesus Christ “Admittedly Was Not Perfect”

National   |   Randy Hall   |   Jul 10, 2020   |   11:31AM   |   Washington, DC

Have the hosts at CNN ever actually READ a Bible? We only ask because of an astounding comment on the July 6 edition of CNN Tonight. Talking to Chris Cuomo about statues and the Founding Fathers, Don Lemon mangled a central tenet of Christianity by stating that “Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this Earth.”

Actually, for Christians, that’s kind of the point: Jesus came and lived a sinless, perfect life. Cuomo offered no reaction or objection.

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Here’s the quote with a little context:

[H]ere’s the thing: Jesus Christ, if you believe — if that’s what you believe in, Jesus Christ — admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this Earth. So why are we defying the fathers of this country?

Cuomo and Lemon had been debating statues and what to do “if someone says: ‘This is going to go way too far.’” “Well,” Lemon responded: “How far is this going to go? Just say ‘No, that’s not what we’re doing here. What we’re trying to do is learn about each other.’”

In addition, Lemon noted: “We’re trying to put history in the right context. We’re trying to get you to understand that a lot of what you have been taught in history has been propaganda.”

“And some things you need to unlearn so that you can become a better citizen [with] the promise of what America is available to all,” he continued. “Why not have the mindset of: “Maybe we should be taking down some of these statues.”

Cuomo replied: ”So where does it end?” “But that’s not coming from a place of logic,” he stated. “Nobody is saying: ‘Well, … it never ends.’”

“Yes, it does end,” Cuomo noted, since “first of all, because what you are dealing with is a time in history where slavery was okay and how you reconcile that with where you want to be.”

“It’s not about a race,” he added before noting that many people are “coming for all of us. They’re coming for everything. Being white is now bad. … “That’s what [Trump] is preaching.” Lemon continued: “And if you are having those feelings, then maybe that means that you have a conscience about it. And that’s actually the right feeling to have, and you should be engaged in a discussion.”

It was at this point that Lemon made his ignorant comment about Jesus. Obviously, his knowledge of Christianity is severely limited. Perhaps Cuomo, who is a “self-professed Catholic” as well as an abortion supporter, can fill in the gaps in his religious training.

However, Cuomo once stated: “You don’t need help from above. It’s within us.”

LifeNews Note: Randy Hall writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.