South Carolina Abortions Increase Because Planned Parenthood is Killing More Babies

State   |   Holly Gatling   |   Jul 6, 2020   |   5:43PM   |   Columbia, SC

Abortions occurring in South Carolina increased by 455 in 2019 over 2018 with Planned Parenthood accounting for 57 percent of all the abortions and 86 percent of the increase in the number of abortions, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The total number of abortions occurring in South Carolina in 2019 is 5,101 over 4,646 in 2018.

The data also shows that while African-Americans make up 28 percent of the state’s population, 39 percent of the aborted babies are black. Planned Parenthood operates two abortion facilities in South Carolina: one in Columbia within walking distance of two historically black universities, and one in Charleston.

The next highest number of abortions occurred at the Greenville Women’s Clinic with 2,133. In that privately owned facility 1,293 white babies were aborted; 721 black babies were aborted, and 119 were listed as “other.”

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The Medical University of South Carolina, where most of the later-term abortions are performed, upped its unborn child-killing business from 25 babies in 2018 to 41 unborn babies in 2019.

While abortions at the Planned Parenthood in Charleston increased, the number dropped at the Columbia facility where the sidewalk ministry, A Moment of Hope, maintains a faithful presence offering pregnant women help to give birth.

LifeNews Note: Holly Gatling is the executive director for South Carolina Citizens for Life.