Feminist Says Banning Abortions is an “Attack on Women,” But Half of Abortions Kill Girls

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 6, 2020   |   5:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Once again, abortion activists are trying to spin a new life-saving law into something bad.

Tennessee just passed a strong pro-life law that prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. It also bans discriminatory abortions based on an unborn baby’s sex, race or a Down syndrome diagnosis. The law adds protections for mothers, too, by ensuring she has the opportunity to see her unborn baby and hear his/her heartbeat before making a final decision.

The pro-life legislation could save tens of thousands of unborn babies’ lives and protect their mothers, but abortion advocacy groups already have a legal challenge planned.

Student abortion activist Beth Holden hopes the lawsuit succeeds. In a column at Knox News, she slammed the law as an unconstitutional “attack” on women.

A senior at the University of Tennessee and vice president of the university Planned Parenthood Generation Action Council, Holden claimed the law will be “detrimental to individuals with the capability of becoming pregnant in Tennessee.”

She argued that the law will particularly hurt poor and minority women because, unlike rich women, they might be “forced” to care for their already-conceived children.

“While wealthy individuals will have the option to travel out of state for abortion services, those without this capability will be forced into unwanted pregnancies. This leaves already vulnerable populations more vulnerable,” she wrote.

Except, polls consistently show rich, college-educated women are the biggest supporters of abortion on demand and taxpayer-funded abortions for poor and minority women.

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According to a recent Gallup poll: “Large differences are … seen by income and education, with the highest education and income groups being substantially more likely than others to be pro-choice.” Another Harvard University poll found that most rich Americans support taxpayer-funded abortions while most low-income Americans, the ones most likly to qualify for a taxpayer-funded abortion, do not.

It seems that the rich want the poor, the underprivileged to abort their unborn babies rather than provide real support to help mothers and babies thrive.

But Holden attacked state lawmakers for trying to protect unborn babies from discrimination, too – including unborn baby girls who often are targeted for sex-selection abortions.

She claimed the non-discrimination measures really are “rooted in racist myths that question the legitimacy of people of color’s reasoning for seeking abortion.” It’s a purposefully confusing phrase that is meant to sound smart, but it really just means that society shouldn’t question women who want to abort their unborn daughters because they want sons instead. And anyone who does question it must be a racist. Because abortion activists can’t come up with a better way to defend their position than to lob senseless attacks against pro-lifers.

Abortions are the very opposite of what abortion activists like Holden claim they are.

They are an attack on women.

They destroy unborn baby girls, allowing sexism in deadly form to occur before they are even born. They destroy the innocence of young victims of sexual abuse, allowing their abusers to cover up their crimes and continue violating young girls.

Abortions harm women who are desperate, alone and afraid, women who want their babies but are deceived into thinking that there is no other way. Abortions hurt women physically, psychologically and sometimes destroy all chances of ever having another child.

They attack one of the most unique and powerful things about a woman – motherhood. Abortion treats the ability to conceive and carry an unborn child as a defect, a disease, a disability that makes women somehow lesser creatures than men, and the only way to achieve equality is for women to be allowed to kill their own children before they are born.

Abortions do not equalize or empower. They destroy. Tennessee lawmakers took a strong stand for women when they passed the heartbeat law in June. They recognized the truth that women and girls deserve better than abortion.