Chris Cuomo Bashes Ron DeSantis, Ignores How His Brother Killed Nursing Home Patients

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Jun 30, 2020   |   10:45AM   |   Washington, DC

During Monday’s Cuomo PrimeTime, in which he spent much of show bashing Florida’s governor for his coronavirus response, CNN host Chris Cuomo appeared to admit to spreading his infamous case of coronavirus. If that’s true, it would come as no surprise since his escape from quarantine had been well documented, despite CNN’s feeble attempt to gaslight their audience with his so-called “official” release.

Cuomo was speaking with CNN’s politicized physician, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and lying about Florida seeding coronavirus cases in the rest of the country, when he compared his ability to spread the virus to that of a younger person who would likely be asymptomatic:

Look at DeSantis. DeSantis in Florida let everybody go crazy over Spring Break. He then exported all that virus back to wherever they wanted it to go. Okay. Now he’s blaming the young people. But it has always been true that they will be more asymptomatic, have lighter symptoms but spread the virus just as anybody else who has bad symptoms. Me spreading the virus and some 19-year-old who barely knows they have it, same effect on you, God forbid.

We do know that Cuomo’s quarantine breakout led to him infecting his wife (who was telling people to bath in Clorox bleach) and kids. But since he’s been lying about staying in his basement, and was caught outside at least once, it’s unclear who else he could have infected. Now, onto debunked his lies.

This wasn’t the first time that Cuomo insisted Spring Break in Florida had seeded coronavirus cases across the country. Besides the obvious fact, the virus would have been hitting Florida much sooner than it was (June), The New York Times found in early May that “Travel From New York City Seeded Wave of U.S. Outbreaks.”

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From the very start of Monday’s show, Cuomo had it out for Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis. “Ignoring a pandemic does not make it go away. That’s why states like Florida are in such dire straits. Listen to its governor, DeSantis boasting last month about what great shape Florida was in,” he sneered.

Meanwhile, there were Democrat-controlled states like California which have not had much success in shaking the virus. They’ve had to halt and even roll back their reopening plans. But Cuomo decided to only condemn Florida.

After playing a soundbite of DeSantis, Cuomo returned to the screen by flapping his arms and bobbing his head to mock the Governor. “What now? Shhh. Not going to hear him here. You won’t see him here. Why? Because he’s got nothing to say. When he had a chance to speak, he spoke too soon. He did too little, and now his state is suffering too much,” he proclaimed while his state, New York led the country in the number of deaths.

Adding: “Florida health officials reported nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, its highest single day since the start of the pandemic. He made Trump happy, Governor DeSantis did, and now more Floridians than they can count accurately appear to be sick.

But according to another report from The New York Times, Chris’s brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has been hiding New York’s nursing home infection numbers. “In New York, the case count is often the same as the death count because the state only reports the number of people who have died but not the number of overall infections,” the paper wrote.

Chris was only targeting DeSantis because people on the right were pointing out how well Florida was doing compared to his Brother’s fiefdom. And Chris has admitted that he’s not objective, especially when reporting on his brother.

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LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.