His Mother Tried Four Times to Kill Him in an Abortion, But He Survived

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 25, 2020   |   5:59PM   |   Nairobi, Kenya

Antony Wanjiru never had an easy life – and that includes his life before birth.

Now a college student in Nairobi, Kenya, Wanjiru recently told the Kenyan news site Tuko how he survived his mother’s abortion attempts and recently achieved his dream of going to college.

Wanjiru said his mother was a prostitute, and when she found out that she was pregnant with him, she tried to abort him four times. The last time, he said he was born alive, but his mother suffered from serious complications and died a month later.

“I have never seen my parents. I don’t even have any of their pictures so I don’t even know who I took after. My mother passed on while I was just one month old,” he told Tuko.

Wanjiru said he was left alone in his mother’s house for four days before someone rescued him.

“I heard she had hidden me in the house. I was found after four days, and my bottom was eaten by worms because I had defecated on myself …” he said.

He was placed into the care of his grandfather’s second wife, but she physically and verbally abused him, he said. Sometimes, Wanjiru said she even denied him food, claiming that he came from a family of cannibals.

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Because of his mother’s abortion attempts and grandmother’s abuse, he said he suffered from many physical problems.

“I was unable to stand on my own even at 5 years of age. My head was so big my body could not stand the weight. It is actually a miracle that I can stand on my own today,” he said.

Wanjiru said his family practiced witchcraft, but someone introduced him to Jesus Christ and he became a Christian. His faith gave him hope in the midst of these abuses.

The young man wanted an education and worked hard to pass his primary school examinations, but his family refused to send him to secondary school. Eventually, a local church learned about his need and agreed to pay for his education at Kiaguthu High School, according to the report.

Wanjiru said high school was a struggle, but eventually he finished. Currently, he is a student at Daystar University in Nairobi.

The young man said he also has been doing charity work to help abandoned and orphaned children.

From all across the world come amazing stories of people who have survived abortions. Their stories expose the truth that abortion is not a choice, a simple medical procedure or a right. It is the destruction of a living, unique human being. Abortion survivors are living proof that every human being is valuable, from conception to death, and deserves to be protected.