Methodist College Caught Promoting Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

State   |   Matt Lamb   |   Jun 17, 2020   |   3:22PM   |   Augusta, Georgia

The Counseling and Wellness Center at Paine College, a school affiliated with both the United Methodist Church and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, in Augusta, Georgia, lists Planned Parenthood as a resource for students in two places on their website.  

Katie Lodjic, the National Field Director for Students for Life Action, sent Paine College a letter, asking them to remove Planned Parenthood from their list of resources.  

Jenease Horsteadthe director of the Counseling and Wellness Center, responded saying:  

With regard to the Counseling & Wellness Center webpage, it does not in any way, promote Planned Parenthood nor its involvement in abortions or abortion services. The purpose of their information being on our webpage is simply for the subject matter for which it is under, sexual health. Planned Parenthood provides information on their website, outside of abortion and abortion services, that we feel is important for a student to know regarding his/her sexual health (i.e., birth control, sexual assault and consent, and STDs)I do not believe that listing Planned Parenthood as a resource reflects our lack of care for the dignity of all human beings. Instead, it shows our ability to ensure that our students have resources that allow them to make an educated decision with regards to their health. 

She seems to have missed the mark in her definition of “care for the dignity of human beings.” Since she works at a college, one would think she would know that Planned Parenthood singlehandedly ends the lives of 345,672 innocent human beings every year, which directly violates the Christian principle of the dignity of human life.  

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Furthermore, colleges should not be sending students to Planned Parenthood for sexual assault, or consent information, considering that they continuously fail to report the sexual abuse of minors, including in one case, the kidnapping of a young girl in Connecticut. 

No Christian school should promote Planned Parenthood. Students for Life believes that students deserve better and should be protected from the nation’s largest abortion vendor, not directed to them.  

Pro-life activists are encouraged to contact the president of the college, urging the college to remove Planned Parenthood from their Counseling and Wellness Center page, and to come out in support of the dignity of all human life. You can take action using our Digital Action Center 

We have successfully advocated for the removal of Planned Parenthood links from Lubbock Christian University, Clarks Summit University, Pepperdine UniversitySeattle University, Westmont College, the University of Findlay, Edgewood College, and the College of Saint Scholastica.