Governor Ralph Northam Wants “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions Added to the Constitution

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 17, 2020   |   6:55PM   |   Richmond, VA

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wants abortion on demand to be enshrined in the Virginia Constitution.

The Democrat governor has a radical pro-abortion record, from declaring elective abortions “essential” during the coronavirus shutdowns to defending infanticide. He also has been accused of racism after a photo surfaced of him in blackface or a KKK robe.

Now, Northam wants the state General Assembly to approve a constitutional amendment that would guarantee a “right” to abortion, One News Now reports.

Olivia Turner, leader of the Virginia Society for Human Life, warned that the amendment would allow partial-birth abortions again and end a parental consent law that ensures parents are involved before an underage girl aborts her unborn baby.

“The odds are very high that unless there is a huge outcry from the general public, the constitutional amendment to the Virginia Constitution allowing a right to abortion could, in fact, pass,” she told the conservative news outlet. “We don’t have the votes to stop it in the House of Delegates, and it’s questionable whether we’d be able to stop it at the Senate level.”

To be added to the Virginia Constitution, the legislature must approve the amendment in two consecutive sessions and voters must approve it on the ballot.

Though pro-abortion politicians claim the amendment would simply ensure “personal reproductive freedom,” Turner said it really would allow a radical pro-abortion agenda that most Americans oppose.

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“Parental consent law, the partial-birth abortion ban — all of those will be thrown out with the bath water because the constitutional amendment will override all of them,” Turner said.

She said the amendment also would lead to taxpayers being forced to fund a huge number of abortions and end restrictions on late-term abortions on healthy, viable unborn babies. As a result, more unborn babies would be killed in abortions.

Turner urged Virginians to take action and speak out against the radical pro-abortion amendment. She also encouraged state residents to sign her organization’s petition opposing the amendment.

“We cannot let the pro-abortion groups and their allies win this battle so please help us in the fight by signing the petition right away,” she said.

ACTION: Sign the Petition to Oppose the Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.