Employees Found Aborted Baby Parts in Storage Container: “Bodies With No Heads,” “Hands Torn Off”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 12, 2020   |   6:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Americans are gradually learning the gruesome details about what happens to babies’ bodies after they are aborted.

Some are cut into pieces and then donated or illegally sold to researchers. Others are dumped into storage containers and thrown out with medical waste. Still others have been found in abortionists’ garages and on the shelves of abortion facilities, as if kept as a sort of gristly trophy.

Now, Americans are being reminded of another horrific abuse of aborted babies from the past: A California company that repossessed a storage container from a medical lab, only to discover more than 16,000 aborted babies inside.

California Catholic Daily has been recalling the details of the gruesome discovery in a series of articles.

It began in 1980 when California medical lab owner Malvin Weisberg bought a 20x8x8 storage container from the Martin Company in Los Angeles, according to the report.

Weisberg had the container delivered to his home in Woodland Hills, and supposedly told people that he planned to store equipment for his tennis court inside, the report states. But Weisberg, whose laboratory worked with abortion facilities and hospitals in California, threw aborted babies’ bodies inside instead.

About two years later, after he failed to make payments on the container, the company repossessed it from his home, according to the report. The date was Feb. 3, 1982. One of the company employees said the container was so heavy that it broke the winch; but eventually, they brought in equipment to remove it.

The next day, employees Hank Stolk and Ron Gillette said they opened the container to empty it.

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According to the report:

Stolk said he thought it was like a war zone; formaldehyde and bodies spilled out of plastic buckets.

Gillette, according to a later Cal Thomas story, spoke of seeing “hands torn right off” and of “grown men weeping and vomiting.” Later, when reporters arrived, Gillette said, “You stand there and stare at a ripped-apart baby for 15 minutes like I did. You stand there and count the fingers and look at legs with little kneecaps that have been tore off the body. You stand there and try to find the head, only to realize there ain’t no head. You do that just like I did. And then you tell me how you feel.”

The Martin container staff called police and then the health department. The medical-legal section of the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office got the container with the contents transferred to a lot next to an LA county building.

As the coroner’s office began investigating, it discovered even more gruesome details. Some of the babies were at least 30 weeks old, and some had been killed by dismemberment or salt poisoning, the report states.

According to a February 1982 report in the St. Louis Dispatch, some of the babies were as large as 4 pounds.

The coroner’s office identified 16,433 babies’ bodies in the container. Later, they were buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles, according to California Catholic Daily.

The Life Institute reports Weisberg never was prosecuted.

The gristly findings were a topic of national news at the time, and President Ronald Reagan wrote a eulogy for the babies before they were buried.

“The terrible irony about this sudden discovery is not that so many human lives were legally aborted, but that they are only a tiny proportion of the 1.5 million unborn children quietly destroyed in our nation this year. This is the truth many would rather not face,” the Republican president wrote in 1982.

The story is hauntingly familiar. About a decade ago, federal investigators stumbled on similarly grotesque remains of aborted babies stored in containers inside Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility in Philadelphia. Gosnell later was convicted of murdering three newborn babies, contributing to a woman’s death and committing many illegal late-term abortions.

Then, last fall, authorities discovered thousands of unborn babies stored in a former Indiana abortionist’s garage. Ulrich Klopfer died shortly before the discovery was made. Pro-life advocates held a funeral and burial for the 2,411 babies in February.

Their violent deaths and callous disposals are a truth that Americans still would prefer not to face, but, as the evidence grows about the injustice of abortion, it is becoming harder to avoid.