Bill Gates Funds Pharmaceutical Companies Using Aborted Baby Parts to Make COVID Vaccines

Opinion   |   Mat Staver   |   Jun 11, 2020   |   7:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Earlier this week, I told you about the hazards and warnings concerning the Gates Foundation-backed Moderna dangerously rushing to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. But there is far more behind the “vaccine race” and it all circles back to computer-entrepreneur-turned-Big Pharma-lobbyist Bill Gates.

Bill Gates has made no bones about his deep affiliation and affection for the abortion mills at Planned Parenthood. Not only did Gates’ father, William Gates, Sr., run Planned Parenthood during Gates’ youth, but Bill has appointed his father to several pro-abortion organizations. Apparently, the Gates family believes the murder of innocent children is “health care.”

Perhaps it is no surprise that some of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies working on a COVID vaccine are using aborted baby cell lines in their research and all of them are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oxford University/AstraZeneca – AstraZeneca just signed a $750 million agreement with two Gates Foundation-backed organizations.

Johnson & Johnson – this Planned Parenthood funder is also using aborted baby cell lines, and they have been a recipient of Gates Foundation dollars.

CDC – Even the United States government’s own Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has received tens of millions of dollars of Gates Foundation money… and like all the others above they are using “fetal tissue” in their COVID vaccine trials.

All of these groups are using aborted baby cell lines in their vaccine trials. And most of them are promising a COVID-19 vaccine within a year, even though scientists warn that it typically takes 4 to 10 years of safety testing before vaccines should be brought to market.

Even still, elected leaders continue to remove philosophical and religious exemptions from vaccinations as they recommend mandatory COVID vaccinations for all.

Vaccination is an individual decision that every American should be allowed to make in accordance with his or her own conscience.

Christian leaders warn that using aborted baby parts in the vaccines is every bit as reprehensible as the “Planned Parenthood Baby Parts for Sale” scheme our client Sandra Merritt exposed. In fact, the two outrageous activities are linked in that research companies are the main clients buying such tissue.

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In addition to the religious and moral issues of using aborted baby cell lines, there is the added health risk of injecting a foreign DNA into your body.

No American should ever be compelled to accept an untested and potentially dangerous vaccine built on the “harvested tissue” of murdered babies.

LifeNews Note: Mat Staver is the Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action and Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.