China Has Killed So Many Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions, It Suggests Women Have Two Husbands

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 10, 2020   |   5:59PM   |   Washington, DC

China has a big problem. There are not enough women.

Sex-selection abortions accompanied by the country’s oppressive one child policy have led to at least 71 million women being missing from society. Many men cannot find girlfriends and wives because they were aborted as babies; and the country’s population is aging rapidly because children are not being born.

Now, experts are proposing some radical solutions to the disturbing problem. Professor Yew-Kwang Ng at Fudan University in Shanghai recently suggested that the government allow women to marry two or three husbands, the Daily Wire reports.

In a June 2 column, Yew-Kwang Ng asked, “Is polyandry really a ridiculous idea?”

“I wouldn’t suggest polyandry if the gender ratio was not so severely imbalanced …” he wrote. “I’m not advocating for polyandry, I’m just suggesting that we should consider the option in the face of an imbalanced gender ratio … If two men are willing to marry the same wife and the woman is willing, too, what reason does society have to stop them sharing a wife?”

The professor said there are advantages to monogamy; it is good for children’s well-being.

“But given China’s skewed sex ratio, it’s necessary to consider allowing polyandry legally,” he continued.

“It’s common for prostitutes to serve more than 10 clients in a day. Making meals for three husbands won’t take much more time than for two husbands,” he added, a sexist statement.

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In a separate piece, the professor also argued in favor of legalized prostitution, claiming “a man’s right to achieving sexual satisfaction is being severely violated if legal sex work is not allowed.”

His suggestions are disturbing for many reasons, but China’s current situation also should trouble the world. For decades, unborn babies – especially unborn baby girls – have been slaughtered in abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. Horrifically, under the one child policy (which recently was revised to a two-child policy), women were arrested and forced to abort their unborn babies.

Born and unborn women have faced horrendous human rights abuses in China for decades, and sexist attitudes continue. According to the Washington Post, the country has taken some steps to change, but they have not been enough.

“They’ve told couples that it’s their patriotic duty to have two babies. They’ve dangled tax breaks and housing subsidies. They’ve offered to make education cheaper and parental leave longer. They’ve tried to make it more difficult to get an abortion or a divorce. None of this has worked,” according to the report.

Every year, millions of unborn babies are still aborted in China – a deadly practice that the government could end but hasn’t.

And as the population continues to age and birth rates keep falling, human rights advocates are concerned that another demographic soon could be vulnerable to similar abuses: the elderly.

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and one of the first to expose forced abortions under the one child policy, commented earlier this year: “I believe that, in the not-too-distant future, the Communist Party will embark on another ‘population control’ program, this time not directed at the unborn but at the elderly. These ‘useless eaters,’ the Party will say, must be eliminated to reduce the burden on society.”