New Video Highlights President Donald Trump’s Top 10 Pro-Life Achievements

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 9, 2020   |   6:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Defunding Planned Parenthood on multiple occasions. Protecting Americans from funding abortions. Supporting conscience rights for pro-life doctors and nurses. Telling the United Nations there is no “right” to kill babies in abortions. Stopping Obamacare from paying for abortions. Standing up for religious freedom.

The list of pro-life accomplishments of President Trump during his first term in office is a lengthy one and a new video from the pro-life group Priests for Life highlights the top 10 pro-life accomplishments thus far.

The video credits the president and his administration for, among many other achievements, appointing more than 200 pro-life federal judges, including two pro-life justices on the U.S. Supreme Court; for ensuring that American tax dollars don’t fund abortion overseas; for being the first president to speak in person at the March for Life; for establishing a federal office to protect the conscience rights of healthcare workers; for supporting pro-life laws that are being challenged in court, and more.

His number one accomplishment was keeping pro-abortion Hillary Clinton out of the White House, says Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who wants pro-life voters to realize how strongly pro-life President Donald Trump has been.

“President Trump’s pro-life accomplishments are almost too numerous to count. This video’s litany of accomplishments is indicative, not exhaustive, and is meant to encourage people to learn even more, using sources like, another of our websites,” he told today.

In short, we want them to know that their pro-life votes paid off,” he added.

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The video concludes by urging Americans to “Imagine the progress we can make by giving the president a second term in 2020, and by giving him a pro-life House and Senate who will send him pro-life bills to sign, and confirm more pro-life judges.”

Father Pavone added: “These are not things we have to imagine. These are things we can achieve with a pro-life president in the White House for four more years.”