Politician Promotes Killing Babies in Abortion While Holding Infant Daughter in Her Arms

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 4, 2020   |   11:38AM   |   London, England

A British politician who praised people for vandalizing a pro-life billboard and led an effort to force Northern Ireland to legalize abortion held her baby daughter in her arms this week as she continued to push her pro-abortion agenda in Parliament.

Yahoo News reports Labour MP Stella Creasy brought her infant daughter, Hettie, to the House of Commons during the abortion debate.

While holding her child, Creasy argued that Parliament should continue to push Northern Ireland to legalize abortion on demand.

“We all recognise that this is a difficult issue for many and that there are strongly-held views on all sides of this debate,” she said, according to the Mirror. “But one of the reasons why this House stood up for the human rights of all women in the United Kingdom was just because it was too difficult didn’t mean that their rights should be denied.”

Last year, the UK Parliament voted to force Northern Ireland to legalize abortions while the Stormont, the Northern Ireland legislative body, was not functioning. This week, however, the Northern Ireland Assembly rejected the UK government’s efforts to force it to legalize abortion on demand.

Creasy claimed that is unacceptable. She believes killing an unborn baby in an abortion is a “human right,” and she suggested that her infant daughter would agree.

“And I respect the argument … as does my daughter, that the human rights are at the heart of all of this, and that the role of the Assembly should be to come up with its alternative proposals if it doesn’t like these regulations,” she said.

“Because to not propose these regulations would mean further delay and possibly women making unsafe choices in Northern Ireland because there isn’t clarity about what services are available to them,” Creasy continued.

The pro-abortion legislation that Creasy supports would allow unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to 24 weeks and for “serious” fetal anomalies through all nine months of pregnancy.

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However, disability rights advocates are slamming the pro-abortion measure as discriminatory. The legislation would allow unborn babies to be aborted up to birth because they have Down syndrome, or potentially even a cleft lip.

Since Northern Ireland was forced to legalize abortion, at least 129 unborn babies have been aborted, according to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).

Liam Gibson, a spokesman for SPUC in Northern Ireland, praised the Northern Ireland Assembly for taking action to protect unborn babies and reverse Parliament’s pro-abortion efforts.

“Any politician who supports the killing of innocent children does not deserve to hold elected office. They should be rejected by the voters regardless of the other policies they promote. People must remember what happened today in the Assembly at the time of the next Stormont election,” Gibson said earlier this week, prior to Creasy’s remarks.

“Legislation that permits the killing of innocent children is completely illegitimate,” he continued. “An unjust law is no law at all. If the politicians won’t change unjust legislation, it’s up to the people to change their politicians.”