Planned Parenthood Claims “Black Lives Matter,” But Kills 247 Black Babies in Abortion Every Day

Opinion   |   SPUC   |   Jun 4, 2020   |   1:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood which kills an estimated 247 black Americans every day has weighed in on the recent race conflict growing in America. The abortion giant has stated via their social media that “black lives matter” and that justice must be achieved “for all of black America.”

Eden Linton, SPUC Youth and Education Officer said: “As a mixed-race woman, Planned Parenthood weighing on current racial tensions is hypocrisy at its worst.”

Racial tensions spread across America after Minneapolis police were filmed, it seems clear, killing a black man, George Floyd. Since the footage of George Floyd emerged online, demonstrations and protests have spread across America and the globe under the banner ‘black lives matter.’

Through a series of social media statements, abortion giant Planned Parenthood who profit from the killing of unborn black Americans, have voiced their position in support of the black lives matter movement.

Planned Parenthood said: “We’re devastated, grieving, and outraged by violence against black lives. We must continue to demand accountability, justice, and an end to the inequity that continues to define every moment of life for Black America from the racist institutions that uphold white supremacy.

“White supremacy is more than lynching and white hoods — it’s in the biases people hold when they see black people and how violently those biases can play out. It’s in the over-policing of black people, upheld through racist institutions that inflict violence without punishment under the law.”

Planned Parenthood are the perpetrators and profiteers of violence

Reacting to the comments made by Planned Parenthood, SPUC’s Eden Linton said: “Planned Parenthood’s statement claiming to be devastated by the violence faced by the black community is outrageous and hypocrisy at its worst.


“Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger – a racist eugenicist who sought to sterilise and exterminate the black population. Not only was Planned Parenthood founded with the goal of controlling the breeding of ‘inferior races’ but to this day, Planned Parenthood still celebrates Sanger, branding her a ‘woman of heroic accomplishments.’

“This attitude of targeting the black community has been perpetuated within the modern abortion industry, which targets poor black neighbourhoods where high rates of single parenthood prevail.

“A startling 2016 study exposed that in New York City, more black babies are aborted than there are born. Similarly, in 2010, Planned Parenthood fell under scrutiny after a census suggested that the abortion giant was preying on black communities as 79% of their surgical abortion facilities were within walking distance of African American or Hispanic communities.

“Institutions such as Planned Parenthood openly celebrate the starvation, suctioning and dismemberment of black Americans through abortion procedures each day. They are not ‘devastated’ by the violence towards black Americans, they are the perpetrators and profiteers of the violence.”

Planned Parenthood’s brutality towards the black community

It is estimated that abortion is the leading killer of black Americans in the USA.

259,366 black Americans are killed by abortion each year. This death toll is greater than every other leading cause of death for black Americans combined.

Abortion-induced deaths of the unborn in the black community are 69 times higher than HIV deaths, 31 times higher than (all other) homicides, 3.6 times higher than cancer-related deaths, and 3.5 times higher than deaths caused by heart disease.

Ms Linton added: “If as a society, we are truly sincere about rooting out institutionalised racism from the structures of our society, we must ensure the abortion giants like Planned Parenthood are the first to be dismantled.

“The key interest Planned Parenthood has in black America is profiting from the spilling of black blood through abortion. If justice is to be achieved for black America and for all Americans regardless of their ethnic background, Planned Parenthood should close its doors.”