If Joe Biden Wins, Expect a Department of Planned Parenthood

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Jun 3, 2020   |   5:50PM   |   Washington, DC

While watching the new PBS documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas is His Own Words,” – which I enthusiastically recommend — I was struck by the similarities between Justice Thomas’s mistreatment during his confirmation hearings and the gauntlet Justice Brett Kavanaugh was forced to run through during his hearings nearly 30 years later.

At those hearings in 1991 and 2018, the issue that was most important to Senate Democrats was abortion.

“Most of my opponents cared about only one thing,” Justice Thomas says in the documentary. “How would I rule on abortion rights? You really didn’t matter, and your life didn’t matter. What mattered is what they wanted.”

For several days in a row, the Senate Judiciary committee, chaired by then-Senator Joe Biden, kept pressing Judge Thomas about his opinion on Roe v. Wade410 U.S. 113, saying that they could not believe his assertion that he had never debated or formulated an opinion on the contents of the decision.

In their book “Justice on Trial” (Regnery Publishing, 2019), authors Carrie Severino and Mollie Hemingway report in detail on the lunacy of the Kavanaugh confirmations, noting the following:

“Among the many issues on the liberal wish list that cannot be achieved through democratic means, one in particular motivated the opposition to Kavanaugh: Abortion. It took over the entire confirmation process – from the nationwide speaking tour ‘Rise up for Roe’ to the laser-like focus on the two Republican senators who support abortion rights, Collins and Murkowski. Planned Parenthood and NARAL were there every step of the way, financing protesters, TV ads, and celebrity appearances.”

Whether it’s in U.S. Supreme Court nomination battles, presidential campaigns, or their conduct when in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, observe closely the behavior of the Democratic Party. You’ll see that abortion is the sacred dogma and driving force behind everything else.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even attempted multiple times to shove abortion funding in bills meant to help America overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

And all this explains why Democratic members of Congress, even during Republican-led hearings to investigate Planned Parenthood, will never utter a negative word about Planned Parenthood.

This organization, presenting itself as committed to “healthcare,” is actually a political machine pumping tens of millions of dollars each election year into Democratic campaigns, in order to keep abortion legal.

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Planned Parenthood has invested all those millions because it expects a big payday.

They hope that payday could come in January.

If Democrats retake the White House and Senate, keeping control of the House, many in the anti-abortion movement expect that Planned Parenthood would become a cabinet-level federal agency, following a trajectory not unlike that of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, several different agencies began offering services to veterans — these included disability insurance and rehabilitation.

In 1921, Congress created the Veterans Bureau to combine those agencies, and in 1930, President Herbert Hoover elevated it to a federal agency “to consolidate and coordinate government activities affecting war veterans.”

President Ronald Reagan signed an executive order in 1988 to elevate the agency to cabinet level. His successor, President George H.W. Bush, said of the new department, “There is only one place for the Veterans of America, in the Cabinet Room, at the table with the president of the United States of America.”

Substitute the word “women” for “veterans” and you’ll see the kind of glossy sheen Democrats would apply to a cabinet-level Planned Parenthood.

By this move, Planned Parenthood would do an end-run around two constant battles, that of funding or defunding the mega-abortion business, and that of having access to the public schools.

Taxpayers would be forced to fund abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason. Planned Parenthood — likely with a new, family friendly name — will take over school health departments and sex education programs will aim — as they do now —to ensure that every student will become sexually active as early as possible.

With Democrats in charge, socialized medicine in place and Planned Parenthood in the Cabinet, all of this is possible, and be assured that Planned Parenthood is already planning for such a reality. Why else would they continue building mega abortion facilities even as the number of abortions plummets?

All of this would be happening now if Hillary Clinton had become our 45th president. Make no mistake that it would happen if a Democrat — any Democrat — becomes our 46th.