Planned Parenthood Calls Pro-Lifers White Supremacists, But It Kills 247 Black Babies Every Day

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 1, 2020   |   12:56PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood exploited the death of an unarmed black man by police over the weekend to push its own life-destroying abortion agenda.

Breitbart reports the billion-dollar abortion group linked “white supremacy” both to George Floyd’s tragic death and to “attacks on our bodily autonomy,” or abortion, in a series of tweets.

“The legacy of systemic bias in policing is a public health issue,” Planned Parenthood Black Community posted Friday on Twitter.

The account shared comments from Alexis McGill Johnson, acting CEO of Planned Parenthood, that implied pro-life advocates are white supremacists who want to control black people’s bodies.

“White supremacy is in the biases we hold when and how we see Black people, and how violently those biases can play out,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “It’s in the over-policing of Black bodies — which has been upheld through racist systems. It’s in the attacks on our bodily autonomy.”

She continued: “If we CANNOT live our everyday lives with the bodily autonomy to go for a walk, bird watch, live our lives, or protest the violence against our lives without the fear of violence…we can never achieve justice. Let alone reproductive justice.”

At the root of the so-called “attacks,” “reproductive justice” and “bodily autonomy” that Johnson referred to is abortion – the destruction of unique, innocent unborn babies’ lives in violent abortion procedures.

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Though Johnson and Planned Parenthood defend it, abortion is responsible for killing more black lives in America than any other cause. And Planned Parenthood is a leader in the American abortion industry.

On average, based on its own annual reports, Planned Parenthood kills 247 black unborn babies every single day. It aborts more unborn babies than any other group in the U.S., and its revenue is in the billions.

Black pro-life advocate Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation previously pointed out how the abortion industry perverts justice to include the killing of black babies, writing:

Abortion is the leading killer of black lives in America outnumbering the top 15 causes of death—combined. But we’re supposed to celebrate this as some perverse form of justice? In fact, they have a name for it—reproductive justice. So, when more black babies are aborted in NYC (the home of Planned Parenthood) than born alive, it’s not racism; it’s feminism. We’re supposed to pretend that the reportedly ubiquitous “white supremacy” that allegedly stains every facet of American life doesn’t apply to an industry, birthed in eugenic racism, which disproportionately kills black and brown lives?

Though abortions hurt families of every race and culture, statistics indicate that abortions disproportionately hurt the African American community. Census data indicates that African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, but they have nearly 40 percent of all abortions. And New York City health statistics indicate that more African American babies are aborted in the city than are born each year.

Many believe the abortion industry targets minorities for abortions as well. Research by Protecting Black Life found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

If Planned Parenthood really cares about black lives and justice, it would stop killing unborn babies in violent, life-destroying abortions and start providing real health care and support to women and families.