Andrew Cuomo Was Responsible for 5,000 Nursing Home Deaths, But Says “Nobody” Should be Prosecuted

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 1, 2020   |   5:59PM   |   Washington, DC

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to require nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients put thousands of vulnerable people’s lives in jeopardy.

Now, after approximately 5,000 people in state nursing homes have died, he is refusing to take responsibility and trying to place the blame on others.

During a May press conference, the pro-abortion Democrat governor said “nobody” should be prosecuted for the massive nursing home deaths, Fox News reports.

A journalist asked Cuomo about justice for families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus, saying, “They’re looking for accountability and they feel that they were failed.”

The governor responded that older people are going to die from the virus, and they cannot stop every death.

“How do we get justice for those families? Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody,” Cuomo said. “Mother Nature, God, where did this virus come from? People are going to die by this virus, that is the truth.”

“Older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus,” he continued. “That is going to happen despite whatever you do. With all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive. Older people are more vulnerable. That is a fact that is not going to change.”

But many believe that Cuomo made the situation worse by placing coronavirus patients in with a group of people who are highly susceptible to the virus. Columnist Karol Markowicz, writing at the Washington Examiner, blamed the governor for allowing the virus “to run rampant among our most vulnerable population.”

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Approximately 5,000 people died from the virus in New York nursing homes between March and May, according to statistics from Cuomo’s office. Of all the coronavirus deaths in the state, about 25% were in nursing homes, according to the report.

Markowicz continued:

In late April, it came to light that the previous month, the state ordered long-term care facilities to readmit residents who had been treated for the coronavirus. New residents who were “medically stable” were to be admitted as well. Thus did Cuomo’s New York guarantee that the most vulnerable population would be widely exposed to COVID-19 in environments that enabled its quick and deadly spread.

The official tally has about 20% of New York coronavirus deaths attributed to nursing homes, but we actually can’t be certain of how many people died because of this negligence.

She slammed Cuomo for shrugging off the blame on himself – and even trying to shift it to President Donald Trump. During a May press conference, the governor even claimed that he did make nursing homes a “top priority” – something she described as a “particularly risible bit of gaslighting.”

Cuomo’s actions showed that he did make it a priority to protect the most vulnerable people in his state.

His nursing home mandate placed the contagious sick with those most likely to get sick and die from the coronavirus. And he allowed abortion facilities to keep killing unborn babies while other actual health services closed. Both actions blatantly disregarded the value of the people who pro-life advocates fight for every day: the elderly, people with disabilities and unborn children.

These are the people who our nation’s leaders should be fighting the hardest to protect. But far too often, they fail.