Planned Parenthood and Schools Push Sex on Kids, Show How to Get Secret Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 27, 2020   |   12:23PM   |   Washington, DC

A new report from the Family Research Council shows how the Planned Parenthood abortion chain and other pro-abortion groups are pushing a radical sex education agenda on students across the country.

Released Friday, “Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination” documents how middle and high school students are being taught how to have secret abortions without their parents’ knowledge and how to shop for condoms and use sex toys.

Christian Post reports some students also are being taught “fake abstinence,” or waiting to have sex until they are in a committed relationship, rather than until marriage.

“Today’s sex ed lessons can be highly manipulative — carefully designed to get children to approve of the concept of sexual rights and fluid sexual ‘identities,’ and to reject their religious beliefs, the authority of their parents, and even physical reality itself,” said Cathy Ruse, a Family Research Council senior fellow who wrote the report.

Ruse said some schools are dedicating significant class time to this agenda-driven curriculum “ – 70 classroom hours per child in some cases — even while American public schools are failing to fulfill their core mission.”

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One of the top sex education providers is Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America. On its website, it boasts of being “the single largest provider of sex education in the United States.”

Here’s more from the Christian Post:

In addition to performing abortions, in one of Planned Parenthood’s sex education curricula called “Get Real,” 7th graders are instructed on how to include grocery store polyethylene cling wrap as a dental dam in order to engage in oral sex.

Ruse commented, “Even if parents identify problematic lessons in sex ed and manage to opt their kids out, that won’t protect them from sex propaganda appearing elsewhere in school, such as in the halls, in history class, on the calendar, and in the library.”


According to the FRC report, a new sex ex curriculum in Austin, Texas schools teaches pre-pubescent children about vaginal, anal and oral intercourse; and another curriculum used in some Indiana schools give teens a worksheet that encourages them to shop for condoms and compare prices and brands.

“Parents in a rural Virginia high school were outraged when they learned their ninth graders were shown videos teaching ‘penis pleasure,’ how to ‘stimulate the prostate’ inside the anus, and the joys of ‘sex toys.’ The video was created by a YouTube star with ties to Planned Parenthood,” according to the report.

And although Planned Parenthood’s adoption services are basically non-existent, some Virginia schools list the abortion chain as a primary resource for girls considering adoption. The report found: “Virginia law requires that students be taught about both adoption and abortion, but for more information on making an adoption plan, the lesson script in Fairfax County refers students to Planned Parenthood!”

The Virginia county also teaches girls how to get an abortion by asking a judge instead of their parents. It tells girls that helpful organizations will provide a free lawyer if they want to abort their unborn babies without telling their parents, the report states.

Most states allow parents to opt out of these classes, and the Family Research Council has a model opt-out letter available online. But some states are trying to eliminate even that option.

“Consider the emergence of no-opt-out laws and policies that revoke the right of parents to opt their children out of sexuality-based lessons. California and Illinois have taken this radical step,” Ruse wrote in the report.

The pro-life organization encouraged parents to find out what their students are learning in school by requesting sex education materials from the school and attending school board meetings.

“As parents, we should insist on the best for our children,” Ruse said. “Demanding risk avoidance-based sex ed, filing universal opt-out letters annually, and attending school board meetings are proactive ways that parents can let their schools know that they are informed, they are watching, and they are prepared to act.”