Woman Glad She Could Kill Her Baby She Didn’t Want in an Abortion: “I Felt Relief”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 26, 2020   |   10:51AM   |   London, England

The abortion industry has convinced too many women that aborting their unborn babies is the best option when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

It was to the abortion industry that Kate (not her real name), 40, a single British mother of three, turned when she became unexpectedly pregnant by a manipulative man, according to the Huffington Post.

Kate conceived her unborn baby right before the coronavirus shutdowns began, the report states. An essential worker, she said she also suspected that she may have had the virus at the time, so she quarantined herself at home for 14 days.

She said she had been in a casual relationship with a man. Surprised to find out she was pregnant because they were using birth control, she said she asked him what had happened. Kate said the man admitted he had “tampered” with their contraception because he wanted them to have a more serious relationship; they no longer are together.

“I was furious, beyond furious. I felt violated,” she told the news outlet. “I phoned my GP in a panic, and he gave me the number for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. They were lovely and very understanding.”

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The British abortion chain sold her a mail-order abortion, or “pills by post,” which the UK made legal during the pandemic. Rather than go to an abortion facility for an exam and ultrasound, she talked with a nurse over the phone, and then they mailed her the abortion drugs.

This new abortion method, which abortion activists are pushing across the world, means a woman may never see a doctor or other medical professional in person before aborting her unborn baby. Especially without an exam, the abortion can be dangerous for the mother as well as her unborn baby.

Kate said she did not tell anyone about her abortion, not even her 16-year-old son who picked up the abortion drugs in the mail for her.

“I told him they were my Lansoprozole [stomach acid] tablets from my GP,” Kate said. “I hated lying, but like I said, I haven’t told anyone.”

It is not clear how far along Kate was in her pregnancy, but abortion drugs typically are used up to about 10 weeks. She said the abortion was painful and uncomfortable, but she was glad that she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

“… the moment it was over I felt enormous relief,” she told the news outlet. “I felt myself again. The sickness and exhaustion left. The anxiety left. I felt I have my life back.”

Kate was wronged, and she was experiencing difficult circumstances when she learned she was pregnant. But aborting an unborn baby never is the solution. Kate may have experienced some relief, but her feelings do not make her action less wrong. She ended her unborn baby’s life – a unique, living human being who already had his/her own complete DNA and likely a beating heart. Her baby deserved a right to life.

Pro-life advocates are ready and eager to help mothers like Kate. They provide counseling, maternity and newborn supplies, temporary shelter and more. During the coronavirus crisis, pregnancy resource centers, the abortion pill reversal hotline and other pro-life charities have been seeing a significant increase in women seeking help. Pro-lifers provide real assistance to families in need. They recognize that any time a woman is pregnant there are two lives to take care of, not just one, and both lives are precious and valuable.