Abortion Activists Pelt Woman With Eggs as She Protests Outside Planned Parenthood

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 26, 2020   |   7:03PM   |   Waukegan, Illinois

Two pro-life advocates were egged last week while protesting peacefully outside a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Illinois.

One of them, Shawna Weber, the vice chair of the College of Lake County Young Americans for Freedom, said eggs hit her at least twice Friday while she was advocating for the unborn with students from her chapter, according to the conservative organization’s website.

A priest who was advocating for life also was hit by an egg, according to Young Americans for Freedom. Police were contacted about the assaults.

The new Planned Parenthood in Waukegan opened earlier this month. The huge facility aborts unborn babies for any reason up to 20 weeks –  many likely at taxpayers’ expense.

The abortion chain quietly built the facility under a shell name so that the community would not protest. Planned Parenthood leaders admitted they chose the location to attract women from more conservative neighboring states where abortions are more restricted.

Weber’s student chapter organized a peaceful protest Friday to offer information and resources to pregnant mothers and encourage them to choose life for their babies. They and other pro-lifers were targets of harassment and assault.

“I turned around from holding my sign to talk to some counter-protesters when I felt something hit my right side,” Weber told the conservative organization. “A silver car drove by, and I knew at that moment that we had been attacked. I looked on the ground to see what it was, and I saw an egg on the ground.”

A few minutes later, she said the same car came back and threw more eggs at them. She shared photos of egg splattered on her pro-life sign.

“I will not back down in my activism and support for the rights of unborn humans,” she told YAF.

Last week, another pro-life student organization, Students for Life of America, also was targeted. According to the organization, someone hacked into their online graduation event and showed graphic gay pornography and Nazi images to more than 100 pro-life students.

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Students for Life leaders said they are filing reports with the FBI and police.

Violence by pro-abortion activists has become increasingly common. LifeNews.com recorded more than 100 reports of assault, vandalism, harassment and other incidents in 2019. Our news outlet began tracking these reports after pro-life organizations expressed alarm about an uptick in violence in recent years.

Reports this year include:

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Oregon – Vandals Destroy “Pro-Trump. Pro-Life” Campaign Sign in Man’s Yard (Washington Times)

Texas – Pro-life Christian Threatened with Gun outside Fort Worth Abortion Facility (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

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