Hollywood Blames President Trump for Coronavirus Deaths: He “Doesn’t Care How Many People Die”

National   |   Geoffrey Dickens   |   May 18, 2020   |   9:20AM   |   Washington, DC

The Hollywood left keeps pinning coronavirus victims on conservatives and Donald Trump. HBO host John Oliver claimed Trump’s pandemic plan was for “him to live while letting a lot of us die.” Actress Holly Marie Combs actually blamed her grandfather’s death on the President.

ABC’s The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg compared Trump to Nazi death camp doctor Josef Mengele and Robert DeNiro bashed Republicans’ for their “deal with the devil” by letting “lunatic” Trump get away with letting people die.

The following are the most sickening attacks by celebrities on Trump and conservatives from the Hollywood left over the last few weeks:



13. Trump’s Plan = “Letting A Lot Of Us Die”



“Our wartime President has decided that the only way to win this war is to draft every one of us, hide our battle plans, and hope that we’re all brave enough not to notice that we’ve already surrendered. Or to put it much more succinctly…his plan to steer us through this pandemic is for him to live while letting a lot of us die.”

— Host John Oliver on HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, May 10.


12. Trump Will Never Leave Office



“I cannot picture that man [Donald Trump] gracefully conceding and walking away, and I keep asking Democrats, you’re probably the one with the most law enforcement experience I’ve ever asked this — what do you do if he says ‘It was rigged, blah, blah, blah, it’s not safe for me to leave’, whatever bullshit he’s going to come up with, and refuses to leave. I want to know what the plan is.”

— Host Bill Maher to former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder on HBO’s Real Time, May 1. 


11. Not Excited About Joe, But He’s Our Only Hope to Save Democracy



“We’ve seen all of the ideas for candidates. It’s been boiled down to Biden. There’s no time to fight about it. There’s no time to protest about it. We must come together and get behind Joe Biden and make sure that he’s elected so that our democracy can survive.”

— Actor Billy Porter on ABC’s The View, May 1. 


10. Actor’s Sick Mother’s Day Message to Melania

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! I hope you’re a better Mother than you are First Lady, you’re useless as a First Lady, literally @FLOTUS  #MILFS”

— May 10 tweet by actor Michael Rapaport.


9. Will “Autocratic” Trump Regime Allow Elections?



“The last time you were on, you were talking about your book The View From Flyover Country and it was a lot about, sort of — you had studied autocratic regimes, and how they, you know, have this way of sneaking up on people….You couldn’t have imagined, sort of predict that if things don’t change, this is the sort of thing we were going to end up with, right?…You talk a lot, not just in the book but also on your podcast, about the elections in November. How much confidence do you think the American people can have in a fair election right now?”

— Host Seth Meyers to liberal author Sarah Kendzior on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, May 6.

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8. Howard Stern: “I Hate” Stupid Trump Voters

“I don’t hate Donald. I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence. I do think it would be extremely patriotic of Donald to say ‘I’m in over my head and I don’t want to be president anymore.’”

— Host Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show, May 12.


7. Actress Blames Trump for Death of Grandfather

“My grandfather died today. He voted for you. He believed you when you said this virus was no worse than the flu. He believed every lie you muttered and sputtered. He died today from Covid-19 one day after his 66th wedding anniversary. You’re a disgrace to the human race.”

— April 27 tweet by Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs. 


6. What’s With Republicans’ “Deal With the Devil” Pact with Trump?



“What’s scarier about it all is the Republicans and his enablers around him are not doing anything. They’re around a crazy person, and they don’t do anything. They’re not standing up to him…Nobody has the balls to stand up to this guy. And they all have a platform….What could be worth it for them to sacrifice their souls to make this deal with the devil to work with this guy? It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

— Actor Robert DeNiro on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, May 6. 


5. Trump Likely Worsened “Our Pain and Suffering”

“Here in the U.S., we have seen the cost of failed leadership. As the pandemic began its global march, President Donald Trump failed to act quickly and decisively, likely increasing its toll and worsening our pain and suffering. As he has done with climate change, Trump failed early on to embrace or even understand sound scientific consensus about what must be done to protect this nation and its people.”

—  Actor Robert Redford in an April 30 column for NBCNews.com.


4. Likening Trump to “Horror Story”



Host Stephen Colbert: “What do you make about the current horror story that we’re in and one of the central characters, which is our, our president?”…

Author Stephen King: “The thing about drinking bleach just kind of bowled me over. People have been telling me for years, you know, that I sort of foresaw Donald Trump. I wrote a book called The Dead Zone, and there was a character in there, a kind of TV comedian-type guy who appealed to the common people and told everybody that he was going to solve the pollution problem, and the problem of garbage. He was going to shoot it all into outer space! And then he would hand out hot dogs and he’d say, ‘You’re going to say ‘hot dog’ when you elect Greg Stillson president.’ And really, shooting garbage into outer space compares pretty favorably to injecting bleach into the human body I think.”

— CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, May 5.


3. Shut Up, Tara!



“We have a President who says, ‘Drink bleach.’ Geez, you waited 27 years — it couldn’t hold a few months. That’s what I would like to ask Ms. Reade. Why now? I’m not saying, ‘Why not 27 years ago?’ I understand it can take victims years to come forward. I’m saying, ‘Why not before Super Tuesday? Why not last fall when we still have a dozen other candidates to choose from? Why wait until Biden is our only hope against Trump and then take him down?’”

— Host Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time, May 8.


2. Trump = Nazi Death Camp Doctor



“I have to say the reason that the story is still in the news is if you have little kids, you have to constantly explain to them, ‘No you cannot drink bleach. You cannot do this.’ You know, the last person that really even suggested anyone use bleach was a man called Dr. Mengele, and he did bad things to people. So we don’t discuss bleach.”

— Co-host Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s The View, April 27. 


1. “Lunatic” Trump “Doesn’t Care How Many People Die”



“You’ve got a lunatic [Donald Trump] saying things that people are trying to dance around….It’s appalling. He wants to be re-elected, he doesn’t even care how many people die….He doesn’t care for those people [Trump supporters]. And the people who he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for because he could care less about them. They might like to tell themselves or delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”

— Actor Robert DeNiro on BBC’s Newsnight, May 12.

LifeNews Note: Geoffrey Dickens is the senior news analyst at the Media Research Center, where this column originally appeared.