California PTA Partners With Planned Parenthood Push Sex on Kids Without Their Parents Knowing

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 18, 2020   |   3:42PM   |   Sacramento, CA

A parent-teacher association in Sacramento, California has been partnering with the abortion chain Planned Parenthood to push its sex education agenda on fifth graders, according to new research from the Capitol Resource Institute.

The organization uncovered the partnership as part of a large open records request pertaining to sex education in California public schools and a 2016 law mandating how it is taught.

According to newly uncovered documents, the Sacramento-area PTA contracts with Planned Parenthood to host “Puberty Talks” assemblies for fifth-grade students. These “assemblies” really are thinly disguised sex education classes for 9- and 10-year-old children, presented by representatives of the largest abortion chain in America, the organization said.

According to the Capitol Resource Institute, the Planned Parenthood presenter talks to boys and girls together, and tells them details about erections and ejaculation. The presenter also shows children the “Genderbread Person,” an image about gender identity.

“Parents should be outraged their local PTA would be so deceptive,” executive director Karen England said. “Partnering with Planned Parenthood is a total betrayal and parents should demand their dues be returned.”

These PTA-sponsored assemblies have been held for the past two years and another is planned for next year, according to the documents.

CBN News reports Planned Parenthood also is teaching sex education to students in upper grade levels and gathering demographic data about them.

According to California Catholic Daily:

Programs like this are fallout from the 2016 agenda-laden California Healthy Youth Act, which is anything but healthy, pushing proudly pro-abortion propaganda. There’s no “opt-out” for lessons promoting LGBT behavior, which are required. And teaching abstinence-only is prohibited in this law that normalizes high-risk, early sexual activity even for middle schoolers.

Capitol Resource Institute staff said they are continuing to review documents that they have requested from the 900-plus school districts in the state.

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“The truth is, many school districts are telling parents they are not teaching [California Healthy Youth Act]-compliant curriculum in their elementary schools, but they are,” the organization said. “Not only are they teaching these curricula in elementary school classrooms, but often they are utilizing Planned Parenthood resources in the lessons.”

Parents across the state continue to express outrage when they learn what their children are being taught in school.

John Andrews, a parent in the Murrieta School District, said schools in his district are using Positive Prevention Plus Sex Ed Curriculum, a curriculum that contains explicit photos and drawings of sexual activity.

“They talk about anal and oral sex as an alternative to regular sex because you can’t get pregnant,” Andrews told the conservative group Our Watch. “They talk about mutual masturbation.”

“They discuss gender roles, the gender spectrum, and in the support materials …” Andrews said. “They take it even further. They discuss everything, topics like roleplaying for different genders, blood play, dental dams … fisting is mentioned. I mean, they mention it all.”

Images of fifth-grade curriculum shared with the Daily Caller discuss oral sex and mutual masturbation in detail.

Another video from Our Watch shows ACLU staff attorney Ruth Dawson instructing teachers on how to help students obtain abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., also touts itself as the largest sex education provider — at a time when STD rates are at a record high.

The abortion chain pushes a risky sex agenda on impressionable young students, and many parents have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their children’s education.

Among their concerns is that the abortion chain tells children that promiscuity is not a bad thing. “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” Planned Parenthood tells students on its Tumbler page.

According to a CBS News report, Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real” curriculum “encourages sixth graders to feel ‘comfortable and ready’ for sex. … the curriculum provides flash cards outlining proper condom usage, for ‘vaginal, oral or anal sex’ and recommends the usage of ‘non-microwavable saran wrap’ as a prophylactic for certain non-reproductive sex acts.”

In 2015, pro-lifers discovered a Planned Parenthood booklet telling patients that it is their “human right” not to tell their sexual partner that they have HIV.

Live Action also released an undercover video series in 2014 showing Planned Parenthood employees encouraging young teens to participate in sado-masochistic sexual activities, including gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, shopping at sex stores and viewing pornography.

These and other concerns have prompted parents in communities all across the U.S. to protest Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs in their schools.