Barbers Giving Free Haircuts to Protest Gretchen Whitmer Closing Salons, Keeping Abortion Clinics Open

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 15, 2020   |   3:42PM   |   Lansing, Michigan

Michiganders are getting fed up with their pro-abortion Democrat governor’s mandates.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Conservative Coalition is planning another protest outside the State Capitol to ask why Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has closed barber shops but allowed abortion businesses to stay open. reports barbers will be giving away free haircuts as part of the protest on May 20. Organizers said the volunteer barbers will “have chairs and safe equipment to provide basic haircuts.” They also urged participants to practice social distancing and wear face masks.

“Dope shops are open, abortion mills churn on, but barber shops are, somehow, unsafe. Show us that ‘science,’ Governor!” said Marian Sheridan, a co-founder of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, in a statement. “Michigan’s small business owners are patriotic and law abiding citizens, but enough is enough.”

Sheridan said it’s clear that Whitmer is more focused on pushing “a progressive radical agenda” than on stopping the virus.

Breitbart reports the “Operation Haircut” protest came about after Owosso barber Karl Manke, 77, reopened his shop because he was denied unemployment.

Here’s more from the report:

Manke was stripped of his operating license without a hearing after [state Attorney General Dana Nessel] failed to obtain a temporary restraining order against him.

“We want him to discontinue his conduct, which we think is aiding and abetting the spread of the virus,” Nessel claimed in an interview.

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“Mr. Manke,” she sighed, “He’s not a hero, he’s not a patriot. A patriot is a person that fights all enemies, foreign and domestic, and does everything possible to protect his fellow countrymen and countrywomen.”

Sheridan described the situation as “insanity.”

“Operation Haircut is designed to demonstrate the insanity still rampant in Lansing,” she said. “Michigan needs to be reopened now to end the reign of Michigan’s power hungry bureaucrats.”

Interestingly, reports the barbers who participate in the protest could be violating state laws, as well as the governor’s order. It pointed to a state law that requires barbers to provide haircuts “in premises licensed by” the state. Another law prohibits barbers from giving free haircuts to people who are not family.

“Citizens are tired of being treated like babies,” said Meshawn Maddock, chair of the 11th District Republican Committee, in a statement. “As adults, we know what needs to be done to stay safe. … Lansing elites love to tell everyone else how to live. That is not freedom. Citizens are fed up. Join us in Lansing on May 20. Get a free haircut and then let’s get Michigan back to work, before it is too late.”

Whitmer’s restrictions during the coronavirus crisis are among the strictest of all state executive orders, and Michiganders have protested in large numbers in recent weeks. Amid all her restrictions, the Democrat governor allowed an exemption for a favorite ally of hers: the abortion industry.

In April, Whitmer tried to defend her decision to allow elective abortions while restricting other necessary medical procedures.

“A woman’s healthcare, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election, it is fundamental to her life,” Whitmer said on Axe Files podcast. “It is life sustaining and it’s something that government should not be getting in the middle of. ”

Tens of thousands of people in Michigan lost their jobs because of Whitmer’s restrictions, and many cannot even buy seeds to plant gardens to feed their families. Individuals are not allowed to use their own motor boats and vacation homes to social distance either.

Meanwhile, a pro-life sidewalk counselor recently received a citation for standing alone outside a Detroit abortion facility, supposedly in violation of Whitmer’s order. The citation later was dropped after he filed a lawsuit.

However, abortion facilities continue to abort unborn babies unhindered – destroying lives when so many others are losing their jobs and businesses, suffering in pain because of postponed medical care and more, all supposedly in the name of saving lives.