Abortionist Curtis Boyd: “I Taught Myself” to Shoot Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 15, 2020   |   7:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortionist Curtis Boyd, one of the few late-term abortionists in the U.S., apparently taught himself how to kill unborn babies in late stages of pregnancy by injecting poison into their hearts.

Live Action News reports Boyd admitted that he was self-trained in a newly released video reportedly from an October court deposition. The New Mexico abortionist is being sued by the family of the late Keisha Atkins, who died along with her unborn baby after a late-term abortion at Boyd’s Albuquerque facility.

Released Wednesday on the Abortion on Trial Facebook page, the video shows Boyd answering a series of questions about how he does late-term abortions.

He described how some abortionists ensure that a late-term unborn baby is dead before birth “by giving … a digoxin injection … We use digoxin.” Typically, abortionists inject digoxin in a long needle through the mother’s abdomen and into the unborn baby’s heart to stop his/her heartbeat and ensure “fetal demise.”

However, Boyd appeared to contradict himself when asked about using digoxin. According to the report:

When asked if he has ever used digoxin to ensure the death of a preborn child (“fetal demise”), he answers, “I have not.” Yet later in questioning, Boyd is asked if he has ever injected digoxin into one of his patients abdominally, to which he answers, “yes.”

Boyd then admits he was never actually trained to administer digoxin. “There is no one to train,” he laughs. “I taught myself. I have a knowledge of anatomy, of medications, you can read the instructions…. It’s not difficult for a competent doctor…”

The abortionist also was asked if digoxin poses risks to the mother. He answered, “Some, yes,” and then noted that an overdose is “the primary risk that I was ever concerned with.”

However, according to Abortion on Trial, “Digoxin is a medication that causes fetal death by heart failure and it is known to increase a woman’s risk of infection and her likelihood of hospitalization by six times.”

Digoxin is a poison that abortionists use to kill late-term unborn babies so that they do not survive outside the womb. It causes the baby to go into cardiac arrest and die before the abortionist induces labor and the mother gives birth to a dead baby. Without the digoxin or another similar chemical injection, there is a chance that the baby may be born alive.

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In an earlier clip, when asked how late in the gestational age he is willing to do abortions, Boyd replied, “There’s no set period.”

The 80-year-old abortionist also admitted to doing at least 100,000 abortions in his lifetime, according to Abortion on Trial.

An undercover investigation in 2019 found that the Albuquerque abortion facility was willing to abort healthy unborn babies with healthy mothers at 32 weeks of pregnancy, far past the point of viability. Unborn babies are viable around 22 weeks.

Though Boyd claims to feel compassion for women in crisis, pro-lifers have uncovered evidence of dozens of botched abortions at his abortion facility. Since 2008, members of Abortion Free New Mexico, Operation Rescue and local pro-life activists have documented 20 abortion related injuries, including at least one confirmed woman’s death.

It is unclear when Atkins’ wrongful death lawsuit may go to trial. Atkins died in 2017 while experiencing complications from a septic infection after an elective late-term abortion, according to the New Mexico Alliance for Life. In the lawsuit, the University of New Mexico Hospital and the abortion facility are accused of medical malpractice, wrongful death and civil conspiracy. The abortion facility also is accused of violating the New Mexico Unfair Trade Practices Act by telling Atkins not to go to the emergency room but to contact the abortion facility if she experienced a medical emergency.

Boyd also faced a federal investigation in 2017 for allegedly selling aborted baby body parts and violating informed consent laws.