Abortion Activist Leana Wen, Former Planned Parenthood CEO, Gives Her Top Parenting Advice

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 13, 2020   |   11:10AM   |   Washington, DC

Just a year ago, Dr. Leana Wen was running the billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

Today, she is offering parenting advice to mothers as they care for their newborns during the coronavirus outbreak.

Wen, a former emergency room doctor and health commissioner of Baltimore, apparently still supports abortions – though one can hope her fallout with Planned Parenthood, a miscarriage and the recent birth of her daughter may be causing her to rethink her views.

This week, she gave advice to new moms in an interview with NBC News. Wen gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Isabelle, earlier this month, according to the report.

Wen began by encouraging mothers of newborns not to do everything themselves. She urged them to seek help and make time for themselves.

“The postpartum period is one of the most vulnerable times in women’s lives. Know that it’s normal to feel exhausted and overwhelmed,” Wen said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help — from your partner, from your doctor and from your loved ones.”

Wen also encouraged mothers to seek emotional support during this time of social distancing through phone calls, video chats with family and friends, and online parenting support groups.

“Remember that social distancing does not mean social isolation,” she said.

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It is good advice for pregnant mothers considering abortions, too. Often, women feel they have no choice but to abort their unborn babies. The emotional and financial struggles of a child may seem too great to bear. But when they know there are people willing to support them and their child, many choose life.

Most abortion facilities do not tell women about the vast support that pro-life organizations provide to mothers and babies, both before and after birth. Former Planned Parenthood employees have said the abortion chain pushes women to have abortions, and post-abortive women have said the same. They said the abortion provider claims to provide options counseling, but that counseling is extremely biased and basically sells abortions to vulnerable women.

It is curious that the NBC report never mentioned Wen’s role as CEO of Planned Parenthood. Her recent appearances on CNN did not mention her leadership there either.

Wen led the billion-dollar abortion chain for nearly a year, but was fired in July after she said she and the board had a difference of opinion about priorities.

Wen said she wanted to expand Planned Parenthood’s health care services, but the board apparently did not. In a column at the New York Times soon after she was fired, Wen said one of the criticisms against her was that she “did not prioritize abortion enough.”

Wen did emphasize abortion as part of Planned Parenthood’s health care services. However, she said she – like many Americans – also wanted to emphasize sex education and birth control to “reduce the need for abortion.”

One can hope that Wen is beginning to see through the abortion chain’s bright pink facade as she cares for her newborn daughter. And as she gives parenting advice to other new moms, one hopes she will begin to recognize the value of every baby’s life, born and unborn.