Women Claim Killing Their Babies in Abortions Was “Beautiful”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 8, 2020   |   4:53PM   |   Washington, DC

How deeply the abortion industry has deceived society that some women now call aborting their unborn babies “beautiful.”

The pro-abortion news site Rewire recently ran an essay, “Abortion Isn’t Beautiful,” by a woman who, though she claimed she did not regret her abortion, admitted it was not a good experience.

However, the pro-abortion site must have received a huge backlash from its readers. Any hint of negativity toward abortion, no matter how minor, often gets silenced by abortion activists now.

This week, Rewire published readers’ reactions to the initial piece, noting how some “responded to the piece arguing that the framing was stigmatizing and hurtful.”

Their reactions ran under the headline “5 People Share Why Their Abortion Was Beautiful.”

None of the stories were beautiful, though. Each was full of struggles and denial of the reality that their abortions destroyed the lives of their unborn babies.

One mother, Michelle, of Texas, could not bring herself to acknowledging that she ended her son’s life – even though she admitted that she was carrying a baby boy in her womb.

Explaining the circumstances behind her abortion, she said, “The son I had envisioned completing my family was diagnosed with full Trisomy 13, and he was incompatible with life.”

“After searching our hearts and soul, and crying a river of tears, my husband and I decided the most compassionate and loving thing we could do as parents would be to end the pregnancy,” Michelle continued.

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But an abortion does not just “end a pregnancy,” it ends a life – in this case, her son’s. There is nothing beautiful about destroying a child’s life, but the abortion industry has convinced too many families that it is more compassionate to kill a suffering child than to relieve that child’s suffering for the short time that they have to live.

Another mother, Caitlin Lejarzar-Gaffin, of West Virginia, claimed her two abortions were both “beautiful.” She said they brought her “joy and relief and sanity when I needed it most.”

“If I made a list of things in my life that were beautiful—things that were truly and utterly full of gorgeous light and warmth and love—it would include my bisabuela’s home-cooking, the West Virginia valleys and mountains I call home, and both of my abortions,” Lejarzar-Gaffin said.

She did not explain her circumstances at the time of her abortions or why aborting her babies felt so freeing.

Holly Bland, of Wisconsin, did. She said her abortion was “necessary” and “beautiful.” In her mind, ending her child’s life allowed her to graduate college and recover from an eating disorder – though mothers with children can do all of those things and more.

Michelle Love-Davis, of Ohio, also claimed her abortion was beautiful because it led her to help others have abortions, too.

“As someone who had to beg and borrow to cover my own abortion costs, I feel incredibly grateful and humbled to get to accompany and empower others who are facing similar barriers in their own abortion experiences,” Love-Davis said. “Having the privilege of getting others access to practical support, because everyone deserves dignity and care in their reproductive choices, is beautiful.”

But none of these reasons are good reasons to destroy an unborn child’s life. The billion-dollar abortion industry claims to free and empower women, but it all is a lie. It hides the ugly truth from women that their unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception, and abortion procedures destroy their lives in brutal, barbaric ways.

It treats women as if they are not strong enough or capable enough to succeed in life, that they cannot compete with men unless they can abort their unborn children. It treats pregnancy and childbearing as a burden, a disease, rather than celebrate it as a power, a gift that women have and men do not.

Those pervasive messages from the abortion industry are not beautiful. They are outright evil. And women and their babies deserve better.