WATCH: Doctor Slams California Gov Gavin Newsom for Closing Churches, Keeping Abortion Clinics Open

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 8, 2020   |   4:23PM   |   Sacramento, CA

A California family physician criticized Gov. Gavin Newsom for closing churches while allowing abortion facilities to keep killing unborn babies in elective abortions during the coronavirus crisis.

BizPac Review reports Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a family practitioner and medical director of Pathways to Independence, an organization that helps women at risk, recently spoke at a rally protesting the Democrat governor’s actions.

“Gov. Newsom has gone too far. Gov. Newsom has stepped on our liberties and our freedoms,” Barke said in a video of the rally.

“Never in the history of this great republic have we quarantined the healthy. Never in the history of this great republic have we told churchgoers that it’s illegal for you to exercise your First Amendment right of freedom of religion,” the doctor continued.

Later, he continued: “Never in the history of this country have we been told that you can’t go to church because it’s ‘non-essential’ but you can go get an abortion because that’s ‘essential.’”

Barke said he represents thousands of doctors who do not agree with the mainstream media and the “experts” who are making decisions about the coronavirus.

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Other doctors also have been speaking out against abortion and the false claim that it is somehow an “essential” medical procedure during a pandemic.

Recently, medical groups representing more than 30,000 doctors in America emphasized that abortions are not “essential” or “urgent,” and abortion facilities that continue to operate during the pandemic are being “medically irresponsible.”

Common abortion complications include infections, blood clots, hemorrhaging and an incomplete abortion. Abortion risks include future preterm births, breast cancer, suicide, anxiety/depression, and death. And it is not true that abortions are safer than childbirth.

Yet, California is one of many states that allowed elective abortions to continue while postponing other actual medical procedures, supposedly toward the goal of saving lives.

Massachusetts, for example, restricted skin incisions, injections into a “joint body space or body cavity,” hip replacement or knee replacement, colonoscopies, bronchoscopies, kidney tube placements, invasive radiology procedures, most dermatology procedures, eye implants, tooth extractions, sound wave treatment to break down kidney stones and endometrial biopsies. However, its leaders carved out a specific exception for abortions.

Meanwhile, other states have tried to temporarily halt the killing of unborn babies in abortions as part of their coronavirus restrictions, only to be stopped by lawsuits from the abortion industry.

Unlike a cancer treatment or hip replacement, there is nothing essential about an abortion. Abortions kill unborn babies and often hurt mothers physically and psychologically. The coronavirus pandemic should be a wake-up call to society that every life deserves to be valued and protected, not just those who have been born.