Liberal Reporter to President Trump: Do You Deserve Re-Election After Killing 55,000 Americans?

National   |   Curtis Houck   |   Apr 28, 2020   |   9:03AM   |   Washington, DC

After some uncertainty about the future of White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings, Monday’s edition went off without a hitch in the Rose Garden and the questions were relatively fair and uncontroversial.

That was until New York magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi was granted the final question and, despite the adoration from fellow liberal journalists afterward, she stood on the graves of Americans lost in the Vietnam War when she asked President Trump whether he “deserve[s]” a second term since more Americans have died from coronavirus than the war.

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Here was Nuzzi’s question: “If an American president loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam war, does he deserve to be re-elected?”

That’s not a question but rather shameless, bad faith baiting that would make even the Chinese government mouthpieces blush.

Reacting to Nuzzi’s nonsense, our friend Mark Levin tweeted that she was the “inaugural winner of today’s Walter Duranty propagandist award.” Predictably, Nuzzi was already beloved among media elites and progressive charlatans, but her snarky piece of hate and propaganda made her even more endearing.

Nuzzi insisted afterward that it wasn’t a “gotcha” question, but when it’s a question that correspondents from CGTN or RT would ask, it’s not a good look.

Oftentimes, Trump would unload on the reporter and trash them for their truly unhelpful and partisan questioning. This time, however, Trump was surprisingly calm.

Trump started by insisting that while “we’ve lost a lot of people,” the projections aren’t anywhere close to the worst-case scenarios. Most importantly, he added that the current total (over 55,000 as of the briefing) was “far too many” and “[o]ne person is far too many for this.”

Again refusing to lose his temper, the President touted his travel restriction from China (with the caveat emphasizing that Americans should have been allowed to return), and the task force writ large under Vice President Mike Pence’s leadership.

Trump then concluded:

I think that everybody working on the ventilators, you see what we’ve done there, have done unbelievable. The press doesn’t talk about ventilators anymore. They just don’t want to talk about them, and that’s okay, but the reason they don’t want to talk — that was a subject that nobody could get off of. They don’t want to talk about ‘em. We’re in the same position on testing. We are lapping the world on testing and the world is coming to us, as I said, they’re coming to us saying what are you doing? How do you do it? We’re helping them. So, no, I think we’ve done a great job and one person — I will say this. One person is too many.

LifeNews Note: Curtis Houck writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.