Feminist Celebrates Her Abortion: “Silently Thanked God” Planned Parenthood Could Kill Her Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 24, 2020   |   1:06PM   |   Washington, DC

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is how the world has convinced so many women that they need to abort their own children to succeed.

In a column at Newsweek Friday, California abortion activist Nik Zaleski fed into this deception when she described her own abortion in March just as the coronavirus fears began to grow.

Zaleski, a cultural organizer working to promote abortions, claimed her abortion was “essential.” She said her “internal compass … was immediately certain of my decision.”

So, on March 16, the day when California leaders announced their first shelter-in-place order, Zaleski tamped down her fears about being outside during a growing pandemic and walked into her local Planned Parenthood.

Even though she lives in “progressive” California, she felt afraid that the order may get in the way of her plans to abort her unborn baby.

She wrote:

When it was my turn, I told the receptionist I had just heard the news about sheltering in place. “Am I allowed to be here?” I asked. “Of course,” she assured me. I closed my eyes, took a breath, and silently thanked God and everyone who ever fought for abortion care before me—then I thanked her.

So while the world was dramatically changing outside, my plan stayed the same. I met with my provider, took the first pill, Mifepristone, to stop the pregnancy from developing, thanked her for her work and went home.

Zaleski said she felt privileged that she was able to get an abortion. She said women in other states may have been prevented from getting abortions because of temporary bans on non-essential medical procedures.

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“For me, COVID-19 has provided yet another opportunity to count my privileges …” she reflected. “I have a safe and warm home where I can ‘shelter in place’; the same home I terminated my pregnancy in. If I contracted COVID-19, I would receive the medical services I need. In the clinic, I was able to get the medical service I needed—an abortion.”

She claimed women need abortions during a pandemic, and they do not change their minds because abortions are more difficult to get.

“We know what is right for our bodies, our families, and our futures,” Zaleski concluded.

Tragically, the billion-dollar abortion industry has convinced too many women that “what’s best” is killing their own unborn babies. Zaleski did not just stop her pregnancy from developing when she took those abortion drugs; she ended the life of a unique, living human being – her own child. Most abortion facilities do not tell women that. They do not tell women that many look back on their abortions years later with regret. They do not tell women that there are better choices: parenting and adoption, or that both she and her unborn baby are valuable.

During a health crisis especially, society should reflect on the value of every human life and the correct solutions to any tragedy. Those solutions never should involve destroying some human beings for the betterment of others. Abortions are not necessary or good, in times of calm or trauma. Every human life deserves to be valued and protected, no matter what the circumstances.