Democrat Staffer: Round Up Trump Supporters in a Warehouse and Let Them Die From Coronavirus

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 23, 2020   |   3:33PM   |   Washington, DC

The chief of staff for Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, a Democrat, is funder fire for a social media post saying supporters of President trump should be rounded up in a warehouse and killed via the coronavirus.

Franchot’s chief of staff Len Foxwell’s post suggests a mass killing of Trump supporters. In his since-deleted April 13 Facebook post, Foxwell wrote:

Let’s lure them into a big, big warehouse (we’ll call it something real classy to suit their refined sensibilities, like ‘America MAGA Platinum Palace’) with the promise of all the unfiltered Camels they can smoke, all the Salisbury steak and banana moonpies they can eat, washed down by all the Old Crow and Icehouse they can drink.

Plus, autographs from Scott Baio and pics with Tawny Kitean, posing all sexy and everything on a sportscar, just like in that old Whitesnake video! Get them in, bar the door and then let Darwin work his magic.

The Maryland Republican Party filed an official complaint with Franchot’s office requesting that Foxwell be fired over his abhorrent comments. Not only did Franchot refuse to fire Foxwell, he defended his chief of staff and dismissed the offensive comments as merely satirical. He wrote on Facebook:

Over the past few hours, I’ve fielded a few angry messages and texts from people who are demanding that my Chief of Staff, Len Foxwell, resign or be fired. This, in response to satirical comments that he made on his personal social media feed about the Patriot Movement and their willingness to violate “Stay at Home” orders imposed by the Governor of Idaho.

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It has never been my policy to comment on social media content posted by members of my staff, so long as it is done on their own time. I won’t start now. Suffice to say, however, that I remain 100 percent supportive of Len Foxwell and the exceptional work he continues to do for me and for the people of Maryland. He is an exceptional public servant, a dear family friend, and I look forward to his continued service as my Chief of Staff for years to come.

Enjoy your evening and the rest of this weekend. Stay safe, everyone!

ACTION ALERT: Contact Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot by going here.