Actress Ellen Barkin Blames Trump for Coronavirus Deaths, She Supports Killing 61,000,000 Babies in Abortions

National   |   Gabriel Hays   |   Apr 23, 2020   |   5:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Sea of Love and The Big Easy actress Ellen Barkin is looking to out-crazy the rest of her Hollywood colleagues when it comes to bashing President Trump. The deranged 80s starlet pulled no punches in touting her disdain for the president, referring to him as a modern day “Stalin” and accusing him of causing more death than other presidents in modern history through his virus response.

Barkin, who was a recent fixture in FX’s crime drama, Animal Kingdom, posted her thoughtful musings to Twitter on April 22 for her approximately 200,000 followers. The actress wrote, “Trump is responsible for more deaths than Kennedy Johnson and Nixon. He will go down in history as the Stalin of incompetence and greed.”

Uh oh, well that seems bad, if you think American deaths during the Vietnam War (40,934 KIA, 58,000 dead in general) is directly comparable to the death toll from a natural disaster like the coronavirus (currently 47,992 dead.) But it’s not, for obvious reasons.

And as far as the Stalin comparison? It says a lot about Barkin’s moral bankruptcy that, even if Trump’s missteps were somehow responsible for virus deaths, she would compare him to the dictator who intentionally murdered 20 million people.

But of course, we don’t need to take this stuff too seriously. It’s just a nice bit of hyperbole geared to getting other Trump-haters hot and bothered.

This isn’t the first time the Stalin comparison has been made by Hollywood nutcases in order to try and smear Trump. Seinfeld creator Larry David made an even nuttier Stalin claim, telling The New York Times in early April, “You could take some of the worst dictators in history and I’m sure that all of them, you could find one decent quality.” He added, “Stalin could have had one decent quality, we don’t know!”

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After her Stalin tweet, Barkin made another comparison to Trump and evil people, tweeting, “The White House aka The Ravenite Social Club.” Of course this was a reference to an infamous NYC club used by the Gambino crime family in the 70s and 80s. Get it? The Trump family is part of the mob. Yeah it’s dumb.

One user responded, saying though, there is a difference between Gambino boss Frank Gotti and Trump, being that “Gotti was smarter and a much better dresser.” Barkin replied, “True.”

And there you have it. Mob bosses and genocidal maniacs are less bad than Donald Trump. Thank goodness for Hollywood opinions.

LifeNews Note: Gabriel Hays writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.