NBC, CNN, MSNBC Blame Trump for Coronavirus: More People Died “Because Donald Trump Is President”

National   |   Bill D'Agostino and Rich Noyes   |   Apr 22, 2020   |   8:57AM   |   Washington, DC

Don’t think for a minute that the biased liberal media have forgotten that this is an election year, and they’ll use whatever weapons they have to defeat President Trump in November. Even as the coronavirus pandemic occupies our daily attention, out-of-control journalists are using the tragedy to pummel the President as personally culpable for the deaths and economic mayhem that are afflicting not just the United States, but nearly all of the nations of the Earth.

In fact, Trump’s America appears to be faring better than many highly-equipped European nations: the U.K., France, Spain and Italy are suffering with per capita death rates much higher than that of the United States.

Even many Democratic governors have found occasions to praise the President. “He has delivered for New York,” the ubiquitous Andrew Cuomo told one radio host. “I’d be lying to you to say that he hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has,” California’s Gavin Newsom announced on CNN.

Yet TV talking heads insist Trump has blood on his hands.

“More people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is President,” host Lawrence O’Donnell asserted on MSNBC back on March 12. NBC’s Chuck Todd invited Joe Biden to make the same charge on Meet the Press on March 29: “Do you think there is blood on the President’s hands?” Even Biden had to tell Todd his question was “a little too harsh.”

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Too harsh for a Democratic partisan, perhaps, but not for the media. “What is President Trump’s level of culpability?” former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams impugned back on March 31. “There is death after death after death that is on the President’s watch,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski slammed on her April 6 morning show. “How many people have to die?” CNN’s Don Lemon blasted that night. And on, and on, it goes.

Watch the following video for just a taste of how the liberal media are blaming Trump for the pandemic:

LifeNews.com Note: Rich Noyes writes for the Media Research Center, a non profit research and education foundation dedicated to studying and analyzing the bias in the mainstream media. This column originally appeared in its Newsbusters blog.