Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes 5,633 Centers Worldwide During Coronavirus Pandemic

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 20, 2020   |   3:21PM   |   Washington, DC

Across the world, more than 5,600 clinics affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) have closed in connection to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pro-abortion organization, founded by Margaret Sanger, does abortions all across the world. It reported 5.3 million “abortion-related services” in 2018 alone.

Earlier this month, IPPF released figures about the global impact of the virus on its work. According to its report, 5,633 clinics in 64 countries recently closed because of the pandemic. And of its 132 member associations, 23 reported “reduced availability” of abortions.

These closures mean more unborn babies and mothers may be spared from the pain and death of abortion, though the organization described the situation in opposite terms.

“These figures show that millions of women and girls across the world now face an even greater challenge in trying to take care of their own health and bodies,” said IPPF Director-General Dr Alvaro Bermejo in a statement. “They have needs that cannot wait, but they are facing a lack of time, lack of choice and lack of access to essential sexual and reproductive health services. If these losses can’t be course-corrected the consequences for women and girls will be catastrophic; resulting in loss of health, autonomy and life.”

Bermejo said some of the closures are the result of government orders and social distancing needs. To “help” women, he urged governments to end restrictions on the distribution of abortion drugs.

“We need governments to make pragmatic and sensible changes to policies and legal frameworks making it easier for women to access care and obtain medication virtually. Access to telemedicine and the ability to take medicines in their own homes, such as medical abortion medication, already have a strong evidence base and should become standard,” Bermejo said.

But the move could harm more mothers and unborn babies.

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The abortion drugs have been linked to at least 24 women’s deaths and 4,000 serious complications. Risks of mifepristone and misoprostol, the most common abortion drugs taken together to abort and then expel an unborn baby from the womb, include excessive bleeding, severe abdominal pain, infection, hemorrhage and death.

Many nations require that doctors give the drugs to a woman in-person after a medical exam because of the extensive risks. Pro-life leaders and doctors have warned that ending this safety requirement could jeopardize women’s lives as well as their unborn babies’.

To aid in its abortion work, IPPF also is asking for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other resources.

“… without political will, and additional resources such as PPE, face to face services cannot be delivered safely during this pandemic,” Bermejo said.

Meanwhile, abortion activists in America courts are claiming they do not use much PPE and are not taking it away from the health professionals who truly need it for the coronavirus.

IPPF is lobbying politicians across the globe for funding and supplies to continue its life-destroying work. But one place it will not receive them is from the United States government.

Soon after he took office, President Donald Trump defunded IPPF through the Mexico City Policy. Since then, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the British-based abortion chain Marie Stopes International lost approximately $153 million in American taxpayer funding, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Under the Obama administration, the pro-abortion groups were awarded more than $260 million in taxpayer-funded grants.

Women do not need to abort their unborn babies to be healthy. The only thing “essential” about an abortion is the guarantee of a dead baby. Recently, medical groups representing more than 30,000 doctors in America emphasized that abortions are not “essential” or “urgent,” and abortion facilities that continue to operate during the pandemic are being “medically irresponsible.”