CNN Host Exploits Pastor’s Coronavirus Death: “Let That be a Lesson” to Christians Who Think “God is Bigger”

Opinion   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Apr 16, 2020   |   9:08AM   |   Washington, DC

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon showed off how bitter and heartless he could be during Wednesday’s handoff from PrimeTime host Chris Cuomo. The same day The Washington Post disgustingly mocked the death of a Virginia pastor due to the coronavirus, Lemon decided he needed to get his kicks in as well. According to Lemon, his death should be a “lesson” for those who believed “God is larger than this dreaded virus,” as the pastor said.

Shortly before to the handoff, Cuomo had interviewed Bishop Gerald Glenn’s daughter, Mar-Gerie Crawley to see what kind of man he was and to set the record straight on what he thought of the virus. Crawley explained that her father did take the virus seriously, enforced social distancing, and provided hand sanitizer to his parishioners. She also explained that because the information was changing so rapidly in the early days of the outbreak, things got confusing.

Those facts were thrown out since Lemon had his sights set on scolding the faithful.

Despite saying his heart went out to the Bishop’s family, Lemon needed to make sure his viewers knew he was dunking on a dead man and people of faith:

But let that be a lesson that you can have faith, but you also have to heed the warnings of the authorities and the people who — and the experts. And so, I think that should be a lesson to people who are trying to gather, whether it’s ten or more people in places that you shouldn’t do it.

And God loves you. God wants you to praise him and glorify him and raise his name, but at this moment in our history, at this time, it’s better if you do that at a distance, socially distant. And that means at home or whether it’s streaming or whatever, that you shouldn’t be doing it.

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He reiterated that his “heart goes out to that family…but they should be a lesson to everybody out there who is trying to defy the authorities who are saying don’t do it.”

Cuomo responded with a weak defense of the man whose daughter he just spoke too. He said he didn’t think the Bishop was a “floater” of warnings, but suggested, “there are too many who have had doubt with not good enough a reason all over this country, and it continues.”

He used that as a springboard to launch into a discussion about how he was “scared to death” by the idea Trump would direct portions of the country to reopen. “And you should be,” Lemon piled on.

“Because we do not have the testing capabilities down. We will not be safe in any of these places if we can’t trace and treat and test. But when they say to wear a mask, people are going to get frustrated,” Cuomo added. “When they say wait in these lines, people are going to get frustrated and we’re going to have problems until we learn to adjust to the new normal.”

It’s worth noting that CNN (Cuomo included) spent much of Tuesday pushing a doomsday scenario that said the country would be in some form of lockdown until 2022. So, would Lemon demand no church services for two years?

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.