Abortion Clinics Exploit Panicked Moms, Kill Babies in Record Numbers During Coronavirus Pandemic

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 13, 2020   |   3:52PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion industry is making money off fears and distress during the coronavirus pandemic.

In interviews with the AP this week, abortion workers reported huge increases in the number of panicked women they are seeing for abortions.

The industry makes billions of dollars exploiting vulnerable women in crisis and killing their unborn babies. But now during a global health crisis, the abortion industry is doing even more to destroy lives while the rest of the world is trying to save them.

Chicago abortionist Allison Cowett of Family Planning Associates told the AP that a teenager recently drove from Texas with her mom for an abortion at her facility.

An Atlanta, Georgia abortion facility reported seeing another woman from Texas who flew there after a federal appeals court allowed the state to temporarily halt abortions, according to the report.

And a New York City Planned Parenthood leader said a growing number of patients are seeking abortions because they decided that “having a child right now isn’t best for them.”

Though abortions are almost entirely elective, they are being allowed in almost every state across the U.S., some by court order and others by order of the governors. Meanwhile, real medical procedures, including knee replacements and cancer treatments, are being postponed.

Most of the abortion workers who spoke to the news outlet described how women and girls are feeling panicked about the virus and the future.

Here’s more from the report:

At Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, close to Saint Louis, deputy director Alison Dreith says women are now less likely to change their minds once they schedule an abortion. Normally, 50% go through with it; amid the pandemic, the rate is 85%.

Hope Clinic staff member Hannah Dismer said one couple decided to terminate a pregnancy they had planned. The wife worried that giving birth at a hospital might expose her to the coronavirus and create risk for the child they have.

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“It hit me really hard that she and her husband had to make that difficult decision,” Dismer said.

But studies indicate that her unborn baby likely was not at risk, and, depending on how far along she was, she may not have been at a high risk either. The risk of the virus almost certainly will be much smaller within the next few months when she presumably would have given birth.

“The risk of passing the infection to a fetus appears to be very low. Currently there is no evidence of any fetal malformations or effects due to maternal infection with COVID-19,” according to research by Harvard Medical School.

One can’t help but wonder if the abortion facility shared that information with her. Even a basic online search would have shown reports from widely-read news sites including CNN and the New York Times encouraging pregnant mothers that the coronavirus does not pose a huge risk to them or their babies.

There are other signs that abortion facilities are exploiting the crisis, rather than actually helping mothers in need.

Julie Burkhart, who also spoke with the news outlet, manages abortion clinics in Wichita and Oklahoma City.

“The calls we’ve been getting are frantic,” Burkhart said. “We’ve seen more women coming sooner than they would have because they’re scared they won’t be able to access the services later.”

But at her Kansas facility in particular, there are major concerns about safety. Operation Rescue recently uncovered information about a California abortionist practicing at a Wichita abortion facility after allegedly being exposed to the coronavirus. Pro-life advocates believe the abortionist was not tested for the virus and could be spreading it to patients.

Another abortionist may be practicing at the Wichita facility without a license. “The abortionist on duty over the eventful weekend was believed to be a former Trust Women abortionist named Cheryl Chastine, who allowed her Kansas medical license to expire in 2016, after quitting her job in Wichita.  It has not been renewed. Chastine is also not listed on Trust Women’s current 24-hour consent form as required by law,” according to the pro-life organization.

Concerns about Planned Parenthood, the billion-dollar abortion chain, are growing, too. This week, several of its employees raised concerns about a lack of personal protective equipment for staff and a failure to provide paid sick leave for employees who get the virus. They also urged managers to delay all non-urgent and elective services to limit the number of patients in the clinics.

Some Planned Parenthood facilities are not even helping women prevent pregnancies during the health crisis. Many of its Pennsylvania facilities are doing only abortions right now. They are closed for birth control, STI testing/treatments and other legitimate health services.

The abortion industry could do a lot of good with all the money it spends on abortions. Planned Parenthood alone is a billion-dollar “nonprofit” that receives massive donations from some of the richest men in the world. But rather than use their money and influence to provide prenatal care, parenting classes, rental and food assistance, job training and more, they take women’s money, kill their unborn babies and then turn them back out into the world to deal with their problems on their own.

Meanwhile, pro-lifers are stepping up to support mothers and babies during the crisis. Option Line reported a huge increase in calls recently on its 24-hour pregnancy help hotline. Embrace Grace, another pro-life outreach, is helping to organize online baby registries, virtual meetings, and other efforts to support pregnant and new moms who choose life. And Abby Johnson recently shared that her new ministry, Love Line, which provides financial and material support to help moms choose life for their babies, recently heard from a Texas mom who decided to keep her baby because of the Gov. Greg Abbott’s order halting elective abortions.

Providing care to mothers and babies is necessary. Saving lives is necessary. But killing unborn babies in abortions is not.