Northern Ireland Hospitals Stop Killing Babies in Abortions During Coronavirus Crisis

International   |   Precious Life   |   Apr 9, 2020   |   12:04PM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life have cautiously welcomed reports that some health trusts across Northern Ireland have been stopped from carrying out early abortions in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

The Belfast and Northern Trusts had made temporary plans to carry out early abortions during the coronavirus lockdown, but they were told not to move ahead, according to BBC News NI.

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, ”there is never a medical justification for abortion, whether that is during an unprecedented time such as the coronavirus crisis or not.”

Ms Smyth continued, ”Abortion is not essential healthcare; there are no health benefits to abortion for women or their children. The medical and scientific evidence is conclusive. Abortion doesn’t treat or heal; it simply destroys human life. The purpose of real healthcare is to heal and preserve life, not to end life.”

Ms Smyth also said that at a time when the NHS are under such pressure, the introduction of abortion would be hugely detrimental.

“The NHS is already stretched to capacity in Northern Ireland trying to preserve life during this health crisis. The introduction of abortion at any time, and especially at a time like this, would be hugely detrimental and damaging to our health service.

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“At a time when necessary and life-saving care such as cancer treatments and screenings are being postponed to preserve hospital equipment, beds and staff, it is all the more outrageous for anyone to suggest that the killing of children in the womb should be a priority.”

Ms Smyth concluded, “Unborn children are alive, they are human, and they deserve our protection just like women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies. There are other progressive and compassionate solutions that we can provide to women who find themselves in very scary and unprecedented times right now. The deliberate killing of children in the womb at any stage of development should be unthinkable at a time when the emphasis is on saving lives.”